what is the c:\ command to format hard drive

  pookie 16:02 04 Jun 2003


I can't remember



  Djohn 16:17 04 Jun 2003

At the C:\ prompt, type.


  pookie 16:23 04 Jun 2003

tried that - it says 'required parameter missing'

  Sion 16:24 04 Jun 2003

format c:

hope this helps

  pookie 16:27 04 Jun 2003


that seems to be it - i forgot to leave space after format. I'll try it tomorrow as I'm off



  Djohn 16:31 04 Jun 2003

I've just seen your other post, Terrahawk is correct. From the a:\ prompt type the command, with a space as below.

a:\format c:

  Terrahawk 16:32 04 Jun 2003

i think these are one and the same
click here

  scotty 17:12 04 Jun 2003

I think you will have problems trying to format the drive that has the operating system. You need to create a boot floppy which has the basic dos commands necessary to format the disc. Start the pc with the floppy in the drive to enter dos and then use the format command.

  Granger 18:17 04 Jun 2003

Or use a bootable CD.

  Djohn 18:25 04 Jun 2003

Can you use a bootable CD with Win95?

  Granger 18:53 04 Jun 2003

No idea, sorry, I didn't realise we knew the OS! But whatever the OS, aren't the discs usually capable of booting you into DOS? I did this in Win98SE more times than I care to remember.

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