What is 'in-the-browser security solutions'?

  Snrub 01:27 16 Sep 2010

- Morris suggested web users install two or three in-the-browser security solutions to offer a multi-layered form of protection, which is vital because "it ensures that, should one vendor's software not detect a piece of malware, another one will".
Can someone explain what this means plse.

  birdface 07:47 16 Sep 2010

It probably meens he does not know what he is talking about.
Or even more probable I don't know what I am talking about.
Can you Post where you got the comments from so we can have a closer look.

  rawprawn 09:46 16 Sep 2010

Probably means to have two anti malware programs, such as Malwarebytes, and Superantispyware.

  birdface 10:18 16 Sep 2010

Yes I was not sure if that was what was meant or if it was having extra Toolbars.
Browser security.
Maybe Wot or something like that.
Shrub if it is what rawprawn said the two programs that he gave are very good to back up whatever anti-virus program that you have.
They will detect malware etc after it has been downloaded but to stop it from getting on to your computer in the first place you need it with full time protection and that normally means that you have to pay for it.
A lot of folk pay for their anti-virus programs but will not pay for their anti-malware program that I cannot understand as they are every bit as important as ther anti-virus.
Lots of freebies out there but not sure if there is an anti-malware one that gives you full time protection.

  Woolwell 11:12 16 Sep 2010

This is probably the article click here

I am not sure what is meant by "in-the-browser security solutions". WOT probably meets the criteria but this alerts you to dodgy sites. Common sense about sites should also apply. As the article states if you download "free" music then you may be open to viruses, etc form pirated material. Rapport may also be this type of security

buteman - if you pay for your security or get it free with on-line then you often get an integrated security suite which attacks viruses and malware and guards against phishing. I have such a program and malwarebytes has never found a problem. SAS finds normal tracking cookies which are not malware as such.

  woodchip 11:18 16 Sep 2010

Think this is what he is on about click here

  Snrub 11:30 16 Sep 2010

There was an article on yesterdays PCA home page news item about the level of malware and rogue software hidden which can be launched unwittingly just by visiting a website. It included views from McAfee and from someone called Morris about browser security. This guy was a CEO of a specialist secuity firm Preva? and referred to "in-the-browser security solutions". Unfortunately the article has now been removed but discussed the need for "in-the-browser security solutions".
From this I assumed the might be software security programmes that run within the browser as opposed to most programmes which run at 'computer OS level' dunno! Unfortunately the article didn't give any examples of what software he meant.

  Woolwell 11:34 16 Sep 2010

This article then click here& which is identical to my previous link from another site.

  lotvic 11:40 16 Sep 2010

I think it means to protect against visiting infected web page.

On my netbook, I nearly got infected by one of those fake security rogue scans yesterday via a link from google. It suddenly started to scan with a message that my computer was infected and was finding all sorts of virus, threats etc in a window that looked to all intents and purposes to be Window Security Centre, gave me a right fright.
It was not the Avast Scanner. There is nothing in Avast logs, only thing I found was in 'Behaviour Statistics' which shows 1 infected item at 2:30pm Wednesday on the graph. Nothing in logs etc.

(fOR reference the google search was for 5 in 1 card reader which is not in the least dodgy)

Thing is, I use Avast5 (webshield on), Malwarebytes and Superantispyware and have SpywareBlaster

I immediatly cut my connection to the internet (WiFi to my router) and the scan disappeared without completing so I cleared my Temp files, History and cookies etc. then did full scans with Avast, Malwarebytes and Superantispyware - all came up with clean, nothing found.

On my desktop pc I also have WOT installed which does stop some sites loading with a warning of 'Poor reputation' and asks if I want to continue. Not foolproof but has worked well for me.

I have now put WOT on my netbook but am looking to find a better in-the-browser security solution

  Snrub 11:47 16 Sep 2010

Thanks Woolwell and Woodchip you have found article.

"Consumers are visiting fan sites, downloading movies and reading celebrity news, but generally aren't aware of the risks," said Paula Greve, director of web security research for McAfee.

"They can access 'free' content quickly and easily, but it actually comes at a price. Consumers must stay aware of the risks and be on the lookout for potential new dangers."

Greve urged web users to avoid searching for the term 'free' or clicking on banner ads on music and movie download sites that are not well established.

"Although this news isn't a surprise, it does highlight that, in an age where many PCs are connected to the internet 24 hours a day, protecting the browser itself is absolutely critical. It's not just about protecting individual websites from cybercriminal," said Mel Morris, CEO of internet security firm Prevx.

"PCs must be protected on all websites at all times. There is no reason why the internet should be synonymous with crime - consumers should be able to browse safe in the knowledge that their personal information is still private"

Morris suggested web users install two or three in-the-browser security solutions to offer a multi-layered form of protection, which is vital because "it ensures that, should one vendor's software not detect a piece of malware, another one will".

Presumably this guy knows what he is talking about but I hadn't heard this term used before.

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