What Broadband issues to expect moving house?

  setecio 08:54 05 May 2007

I have been told that when moving house, and transferring the same ISP, the new house Broadbantakes about 10 days to become active.

What if the previous owners had broadband and cancel it on the day of the move .... will it take several weeks to cancel and then 10 days to activate (so maybe a month in total) ?

Are there any other issues or ways to speed up the process ?


  johnnyrocker 09:07 05 May 2007

i suspect you are correct in what you say, is there a chance you both have the same isp? are you moving the same phone number? if so it might be poss to get your phone provider to move the number and internet at the same time, need more info to explore other possibilities


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:11 05 May 2007

If you both have the same ISP you will be able to arrange a changeover, especially if you use their BT number. This needs to be arranged 2 weeks in advance with your ISPs. If you have different ISPs, they need to give a months' notice...a month before they get out. If they do this you will be up and running in about 3-7 days from when you move in (if you really put your mind to it the changeover can be the same day. It all depends on the ISPs and the planning.


  bjh 10:39 05 May 2007

It can all work smoothly, and if their BB is switched off on the day they move out, you can be up & running within 3 days. As Gandalf says, it helps if you keep the number, but if the line is ADSL enabled, and they are moving to a different exchange, I think changing numbers shouldn't be too much of a delay.

HOWEVER... try to find out
1) if they have broadband, who it is with.
2) if they have, make sure they cancel it so it is INACTIVE by the move date, not cancelled "from" the move date - the cancellation may take up to 1 month (remaining subscription to isp) plus about 10 days for the cancellation to take place. THEN you have to get your BB up & running, which may take a further 10 days.

Keep a very careful note of who you speak to at isp (and BT if they become involved) and if you ever get a direct contact number for someone, treasure it like the Rosetta Stone.

You CAN consider using the same ISP as the people moving out, ie possibly changing your supplier.

  CurlyWhirly 12:30 05 May 2007

Another thing to bear in mind is that unless the ISP elects to absorb the cessation fee like Entanet will click here you will have to pay BT Wholesale a £33.75 cessation fee which was brought in on 1st May.

click here


"The biggest change is the introduction of the cessation charge which reflects what BT Wholesale is charged by BT Openreach when an ADSL connection is ceased. This charge will normally only be raised to the broadband provider when broadband is no longer required on a line or when moving home."

  frostyuk 22:11 05 May 2007

Just to let you know when i moved house it took BT just over a month this was due to the the fact that their was already Broadband on the line from another ISP so BT hd to wait for the line to be cleared before they could set it up, but once the line was cleared BT had it back up and running within 24 hours,

  NickyK 01:49 06 May 2007

I moved just before Christmas. With AOL, I shouted (politely) a lot. Took 3 days to get broadband back.

  Lettervanman 09:16 06 May 2007

With Zen it can be done, provided you call BT and ask for a simultaneous move of 'phone number and broadband. However in my case it failed because the property that I was moving to had changed to a 'phone provider other than BT.

Had this not been the case, and as I was moving within the same town,I understand that there would have been no waiting time.

In fact it did take about 10 days for broadband and we were without a 'phone service for three days!

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