What is the Broadband Connection Sequence?

  griffon 56 10:26 04 Sep 2006

I'm shortly to become a new recruit to Broadband and, naturally, I've seen many comments about it being 'always on'. Does this mean that when the computer is started the broadband connection is made and sits there waiting for you to start your browser, or does the browser start automatically as well?

I know it's relatively trivial but I hardly ever want my internet browser Firefox to start as the first program of choice. I like to leave it off until I need it to conserve resources, as I'm mostly using the computer for general office work. Can anybody explain what happens, and how the procedure can be controlled?

  SANTOS7 10:47 04 Sep 2006

No diferent to dial-up in that respect, if you want to connect to the net as soon as you startup you can configure it to do so, if you want to connect manually you can configure it to do so, good luck and enjoy..

  VoG II 10:53 04 Sep 2006

See click here as well.

  griffon 56 10:55 04 Sep 2006

Thanks Santos7 I was hoping that was the case, now here's a supplementary question. Can malware find its way on to your machine on broadband when your browser is not running, but only the connection made?

  griffon 56 11:04 04 Sep 2006

Thanks for that VoG, it seems to cover both questions. How DO you keep records of all these useful references?

I HAD thought that it was because of your username, but then I saw in writing in a recent PCA that your username had an age-related reference.

And I thought it meant,'Voice of God The Messiah' and thus explained your omnipotence. Thanks again.

  SANTOS7 11:08 04 Sep 2006

click here
click here
click here
click here

these progs will help in detection and removal

click here

this prog actually blocks spy/malware threats

they are all free and will go a long way to keeping your PC spy/malware free..

  SANTOS7 11:09 04 Sep 2006

You been promoted then VoG™...

  VoG II 11:13 04 Sep 2006

Looks like it SANTOS7 ;o)

griffon 56 - you should also get a firewall if you don't already have one. Zone Alarm is good and free click here

  SANTOS7 11:18 04 Sep 2006

your Excel-ency, i am humbled by your presence...

  griffon 56 17:34 04 Sep 2006

Thanks Santos7 and VoG for the anti-malware references. I am a long term paranoid dial-up user and have all that stuff loaded and active already. Now that I know that use of broadband isn't that different from dial-up I am very happy. It's just that journos have a habit of making sweeping statements like 'and if you've got always on broadband there is an even greater likelihood of picking something up', but if you have to consciously connect your machine's innards to the internet through the browser just as you do with dial-up, the matter is much less daunting and mystifying. Thanks both again.

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