what broadband??

  KERRO01 17:18 12 Apr 2007

hi folks.. could you help me out, i am about to get broadband but whats good?? also good for xbox live?

  Ex plorer 18:33 12 Apr 2007

Hi I know nothing about X-Box click here
you may know this page, I have been with Tiscali for 4 years and no problems for internet use, My son who lives elsewhere uses Orange and swears by it but his package deal incorperates his mobile phone what is best I dont know, see if you can find out through Google.

  puma22 22:04 12 Apr 2007

I use bt and have found them to be really helpful whenever i have had problems. Service also seems really good as i rarely have to resort to contacting them. They seem to be doing a special deal for xbox

click here

hope it helps!

  bluto1 22:45 12 Apr 2007

With a load of adverts in the press these days, it`d be advisable to ring around because your postcode is going to play a large part in the
best deal you make. I was with Tiscali for a year and for £19.99 pm I received up to 2 MB connection all day/every day and 24/7 phone calls to 01 & 02 numbers free. 0845/0870 etc cost various rates. I`ve moved on and have a slightly better deal with Virgin Media.
At one time I just typed Broadband into Google and hiy Search and a load of them came up complete with phone numbers and web site addresses. give it a go.

  provider 2 22:49 12 Apr 2007

You might want to have a look at this: click here

  tullie 22:49 12 Apr 2007

Google it,easy

  Technotiger 22:53 12 Apr 2007

Hi, I prefer to go by personal experience - it is BT for me everytime, where they come in ratings lists means nothing to me compared to my own actual experiences.

  provider 2 22:58 12 Apr 2007

True, Techno. I`m never quite sure how to interpret these ratings. The bigger the ISP, the more people there are to complain I suppose.

  Technotiger 23:07 12 Apr 2007

Agreed - been with BT nearly 7 years, never any reason to complain.

  tullie 10:57 13 Apr 2007

Its BT for me too

  Technotiger 11:02 13 Apr 2007

Hi, if you are in UK, you should be able to pick up a free BT Broadband CD from any Post Office, put that in your PC and just follow on-screen instructions, dead easy.

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