what is better?and why?

  gazzaboy 21:38 14 Feb 2007

what is the difference between an AMD Athron and a Pentium plus?First time buyer and the cheaper computers are more appealing but dont want to be out of date 2 years down the line.Seen some computers for around £400 in PC World but dont know.Would like something for music ,photos and Dvd watching.

  wee eddie 21:54 14 Feb 2007

There are programs designed to measure the work levels and speed of processors. These say that the the AMD is the slower of the two, but it is cheaper.

Because they are measuring speed differences in Nano-seconds, the bulk of us are unable to tell which is the slower and there are other factors within the PC's build which will affect the speed just as much.

What you buy today is already out of date, so don't let that worry you.

  Totally-braindead 23:00 14 Feb 2007

I've always used AMD but because the dual core Intels are so cheap in comparison to the AMD dual cores that is what I would look for.
If you want to play games or even think you might want to play games get a computer that has a PCI Express slot so you can upgrade the graphics if you want. Get at least 1 gigabyte of memory (1 gig).
Novatech does some good ones, please bear in mind the price is without the monitor.
For music dvds and photos any will do really even the cheapest one with onboard graphics.
Do please bear in mind that onboard graphics is fine for almost anything but not games. If you buy a computer with onboard graphics and it has no PCI Express slot you are stuck with what you originally get.
Something like this would do nicely click here it has onboard graphics but has a PCI Express slot so you can upgrade later if you wish.

  rupie 00:55 15 Feb 2007

You do get what you are paying for and so pC world stuff if less future comptible. they also use cheaper componants. If you look at sites like DELL, EVESHAM, DABS and others you will notice that value for money wise PC world is not good. PC world is a bit like buying gold from Argos. They may offer lots of deals and insurance but at great expence.
Back to your issue about \\\\\\amd v \intel. In the consumer market ther is not a great deal between the two. If you want to watch DVD's then get a TV. Regards Pictures then get as bigger |GFX card you can and also sound card.

  Belatucadrus 19:41 15 Feb 2007

Not sure this is actually possible, just get a machine that'll do what you want at the moment and has some upgrade potential. Two years is a very long time in PC development terms.
If you stick to what you've listed as your probable uses, then there isn't a PC on the market that couldn't do everything you've listed with one hand tied behind its back. If you get into heavy duty graphics work or cutting edge gaming then you may end up needing to spend more.

  gazzaboy 14:40 17 Feb 2007

Checked out that website(Novatech).2.8 duo core looks pretty good!Was thinking about antivirus-currently use AVG free edition but was looking at what novatech was offering,(windows package something or other)for around £25.What do u recommend?

  Totally-braindead 15:08 17 Feb 2007

Personally I'm a bit biased. I'm one of the ones who have used AVG for some time, 3 years in my case, and never had a problem. So from my point of view I would use AVG 7.5 free and add a couple of free spyware programs and a free firewall.
I think you mean Windows One Care click here
I don't know much about it to be honest and since the free ones have always kept my PC clear I see no reason to shell out £30 but of course its entirely up to you.

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