What is the best way to send music

  johnincrete 05:48 26 Nov 2012

I have 6 full CD's of original music tracks and I want to send them to a friend in Nigeria. Obviously I can copy the CDs and send them by post but the postal service in Nigeria is very unreliable I'm told. I could attach to a series of emails but it would take several. Is there a way of sending the tracks electronically & easily?

  Chronos the 2nd 08:35 26 Nov 2012

I use DropBox, have a look at this.

  johnincrete 11:40 26 Nov 2012

I've installed Dropbox & zipped a folder containing all the music files into the dropbox folder - its nearly 500,000kb. Dropboc is uploading the file - it tells me it will take 17hours at 34.9Kb/sec. I'll leave it running and see what happens! I'm not sure that this is a practical solution.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:51 26 Nov 2012

5000,000kb is equal to 50GB which is an awful lot of music certainly more than 6 CD's I would have thought.

  johnincrete 05:45 27 Nov 2012

The folder of mp3 tracks is 484MB. I zipped it to get the dropbox file of 471MB - just a slight reduction but the dropbox instructions said it had to be a single zip file. There are about 100 music files. I left it running so I don't know how long it took eventually. I'll get to the rest tommorrow.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:47 27 Nov 2012

All you needed to have done was create a folder in your DropBox and copy your tracks into it which should only have taken a few minutes you can then share that folder with anyone you want and they do not need to have DropBox installed .

After a mobo upgrade at the weekend and reinstalling Windows I also reinstalled DropBox and the 2GB contents took less than half an hour to sync so am really puzzled as to your figures.

  Woolwell 12:43 27 Nov 2012

Dropbox files have to be uploaded to be shared. Depending on your upload speed then 471Mb will take some time.

  Chronos the 2nd 13:09 27 Nov 2012

2GB contents took less than half an hour to sync

This was to my PC so I am not sure why less than a quarter of that should take so long.

  Woolwell 13:18 27 Nov 2012

Although my download speed is 10Mb my upload speed is only 1 Mb. Therefore getting files to my pc is fairly quick, uploading to share takes much longer. We don't know what johnincrete's speeds are.

  johnincrete 15:20 27 Nov 2012

Chronos: I followed the DropBox instructions and copied the zipped file to the DropBox folder. Just as the instructions said, it automatically uploaded the contents.

Woolwell How do I measure speeds?

  wee eddie 15:45 27 Nov 2012

I know that you have already started but:

One file will be a lot for them to download as well. Would it not have made more sense to have broken it up into several sections.

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