What is the best way to capture VHS(C) to AVI

  humbug59 19:34 25 Jan 2009

Can anybody offer advice please.
I have long wanted to convert my old VHS(C) analogue video to AVI format so I can edit and put on to DVD etc. Having suffered years of failure due to underpowered computer & a crap Pinnacle DC10 capture card, I have recently upgraded my PC and bought a Pinnacle MovieBoard PCI. Yet again PROBLEMS!!! I now have sound lagging behind the picture. Checking the forums, many people seem to have this problem. CAN ANYBODY ADVISE ME ON A RELIABLE CAPTURE DEVICE/METHOD that will capture the best quality possible without all the niggles and headaches???

  hastelloy 19:41 25 Jan 2009

I record direct from my VCR to DVD recorder. I can then transfer to PC and edit.

  eedcam 22:10 25 Jan 2009

I'd go for getting advd recorder by far the most straight forward you can then just import from the dvd. No real advantage in converting to avi as you only have to convert back to Mpeg 2 to go on dvd .Usually causing some quality loss
Whereas editing from the dvd file most editors will only re encode the edited bits

  humbug59 22:58 25 Jan 2009

Thanks for the advice. Having only used Pinnacle before editing in the AVI format, I didnt realise that you could edit footage which was in a DVD format. I take it then that most DVD recorders copy to Mpeg 2 format and I can then edit this format. Can you recommend software to do this as I think Pinnacle will convert AVI to Mpeg but I dont think you can edit in Mpeg mode. Once again thanks for enlightening me.

  eedcam 05:47 26 Jan 2009

If you only want to do basic editing like cutting bits out there are freebies that will do that albeit not as straight forward as commercial.If you want full blown editing with manus and chapters etc., then have alok at the magix movie studios or Adobe or ulead.Most have free trials so you can have a play and magix has about the most bells and whistles

  humbug59 17:30 26 Jan 2009

Thanks very much.
I'll have a look at that.

  woodchip 17:59 26 Jan 2009

Free MS moviemaker

  David4637 13:40 28 Jan 2009

GO for a DVD/VCR recorder - Its the best option, as the recorder will have a reasonable editing function. Will take out adverts with a careful bit of use on the remote control. Just finished using this myself on a Tosh DVD Recorder. David

  DocLee 10:28 13 Jun 2009

As I have almost exactly the same problem as Humbug59 (I have been using a Pinnacle Dazzle external capture device) and having come to the same initial conclusion as he did - capture in .avi rather than .mpeg, can he tell me whether recording from VCR to a DVD recorder solved the problem of audio-visual asynchrone? Additionally, did he use an editor such as Adobe Premiere Pro and if so did he experience any problems with a-v asynchrone?
I'm seriously thinking of purchasing a DVD recorder but would like to know that success using this method is possible before I fork out any cash.
Many thanks for any help.

  humbug59 14:55 14 Jun 2009

Hi Doclee,
I have given the matter a great deal of consideration. I gave it a try with my older soni DVD recorder but I personally was not entirely happy with my VHS(C) being stored in this format. Like eedcam says you can do basic (rough) edits etc and the quality is acceptable, but I just dont thing the format produced by DVD is as "future proof" and flexible as the AVI format which is a recognised computer format, (I believe the digital hard drive camcorders use this format). The format can be imported into a editing program and shopped and manipulated with much better accuracy. So... sorry to disappoint, but I didnt want to spend hours and hours of my time copying to a format which I had little confidence in. This being a winter project for the dark nights, I have shelved everything and am now in my garden getting some sunshine (While it lasts). I will be giving it more thought in Oct/Nov. I'm hoping that as the DVD recorders advance in technology, one might come onto the market that actually captures into AVI format... or is that wishful thinking. If you have a breakthrough, please let me know. And thanks to everyone for the suggestions. They were very much appreciated. Humbug59

  woodchip 16:59 14 Jun 2009

I use a DVD Maker plugs into USB and can press a button to capture single frame also click here

mine is the silver one hear on the left top click here

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