What Is the best Operation System

  WeBbY vUiT 14:26 17 Jan 2003
  WeBbY vUiT 14:26 17 Jan 2003

What Is the best Operation System

  cherria 14:30 17 Jan 2003

That's like asking what's the best engine.

For doing what?

  WeBbY vUiT 14:31 17 Jan 2003


  Mr Scone 14:37 17 Jan 2003

98 SE is one of the best. I heard a few people had problems running older games on XP, and don't even think about Win2000

  Bob the Retard 14:46 17 Jan 2003

98 SE i crap for gaming


  fudds_spuds 15:06 17 Jan 2003

I was using ME and regularly play online games and LAN gaming sessions (Medal of Honour, Counterstrike etc) but had problems. I have switched to XP as most of the mates have done already and so far so good - it definitely seems more stable. However I'm sure someone else will argue for ME or 98 etc. Everyone has their own story to tell but certainly XP seems to be well up there.

  spikeychris 15:23 17 Jan 2003

Will you please stop these intellectual arguments it goes straight over most of our heads. Try and keep it simple and to the point....

  bx2000 15:29 17 Jan 2003


  fsssh 15:44 17 Jan 2003

xp is perfectly good as long as its a relativly new game or a VERY old game i.e. pre windows 95. most games i have which were made for 95 DONT work, even in compatability mode (which is next to useless, i have found). older ones do though, colonisation works perfectly well though it is hundreds of years old. likewise all new games work well and benifit drastically from xp's increased stability (although xp uses up nearly half of my 512Mb of ram!) there is just a few 'middle aged' games which dont, although you may find budget versions are being released with xp patches-most of the games that dont work seem to think they are being run on NT.

  Stokey 15:57 17 Jan 2003

LOL, I don't normally come here after about 6pm Fridays. This one was a bit early!

Bye 'til Monday :o)

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