What is the best free password manager for windows xp

  micemews 22:54 20 Aug 2012

Can anyone recommend a secure free passwod manager for windows xp sp3 please. Preferably one that can also be backed up on a removable drive so that it can be used on another pc and would be preserved in the event of a hard disk failure (this happened to me recently and I lost the lot).

  KRONOS the First 05:58 21 Aug 2012

One that I have used for several years,in fact I have the paid for version, is Roboform. This bit of software is simple to use and will sync your passwords etc across different devices. I believe that there are limitations on the free version but have a look.

Click here.

  morddwyd 07:22 21 Aug 2012

Try Lastpass.

  northumbria61 08:02 21 Aug 2012

Roboform for me - have used it for years - now using Roboform Everywhere which Syncs online. Free version does have its limitations

  G-telware 10:00 21 Aug 2012

Previously I had use Windows XP operating system, and i was used Dual Sim Karte Iphone3G . Try this I hope this will help out.


  micemews 10:16 21 Aug 2012

Thanks all for your replies. I am thinking I will try Roboform which costs £7 95 for the first year (reduced from £13 95). However I have three further questions to ask please :-

1.What has been the cost of renewing the license in the next year ?

2.How would I be able to recover my passwords in the event of hard disk failure ?

3.Would I be able to recover my passwords if I decided not to renew the license after the first or subsequent years ?


  exdragon 10:36 21 Aug 2012

I've got RF Everywhere and renewed in June for £13.95. I can get at the information from my desktop and laptops, but you can get RF ToGo, which runs from a memory stick. You can also print off a list of your passwords for information.

Well worth it, in my opinion.

  MuDelta 12:13 21 Aug 2012

Roboform for me. I have used it for years. micemews, I keep a copy of my passwords on a memory stick in a secure and fire resistant place remote from my computers. For your other questions, ask Roboform, I have always found them very helpful (not that I have had many questions over the years).

  Pine Man 12:16 21 Aug 2012


Just a word of warning.

I have been looking for a standalone password manager for some time to store passwords and their associated data only.

This is not what roboform is about. It does an awful lot more than I want and I consider it unnecessarily complicated. Also when you (try) to uninstall it you will find lots of it left littered around your registry.

If it's for you - great and good luck!

  micemews 15:57 21 Aug 2012

Thanks again everyone for your help.

What I am loking for is exactly as decribed by Pine Man ie a standalone password to store passwords and their associated data only. I think Roboform is too sophisticated for my requirements.

Does anyone know if there is anything out there that I (and Pine Man)might find suitable ?


  KRONOS the First 16:03 21 Aug 2012

I have never found Roboform complicated you fill in a password it asks if you want to save it. Job done. Yes it will fill in online forms (name address ETC) if you want but that is up to you. I started with Roboform because I found it simple,my views have not changed.

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