What is best format software to keep addresses

  alternator 09:58 03 Dec 2007

I am just after a bit of advice. It seems that each time I change email client, email provider etc I have a problem keeping all addresses up to date. I know you can export in different formats and import from different programs, but it never seems to do a complete transfer of all data. At the moment I am trying to export from Outlook 2002 to Thunderbird. There is a facility to import from Outlook, but it throws up error message along the lines " Either there is no default email client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request.Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as default." Tried this but didn't work.
So I was wondering is there address book software package that has the option of exporting in nearly all formats (and formats that are continuous

  MAJ 10:17 03 Dec 2007

Probably the best format to export/import is a .CSV file (Comma Separated Value). It's basically a text file to store database info, like that in an address book.

  jack 10:32 03 Dec 2007

As a low a level as possible - CSV as mentioned or plain unadorned text- compatible then to what ever format the E-Client prefers

  alternator 10:34 03 Dec 2007

I appreciate what you are saying. I know the csv is pretty universal.However what I would like is a program that I can keep my addresses updated on, but be able to export it in different formats without loosing any information, to keep other programs updated with my address book.

  alternator 13:46 03 Dec 2007

Running MS XP
If there is not a better suggestion for an address book. Is it possible to share the contents of the Microsoft's Address book(supplied in Accessories) with another user(different account user) on the same computer. I tried putting the Address Book short cut in Shared documents but that didn't work. Would appreciate any ideas

  MAJ 14:32 03 Dec 2007

Have you tried the CSV file approach yet, alternator? The CSV file opens up in a spreadsheet, Excel StarOffice, OpenOffice, etc. It can contain whichever fields you require; FirstName, Surname, Address, Business, Business Address, Birthday, etc., etc. You can enter any amount of data into it and import it into most Address Books/Contacts folder and it will update that Address Book/Contacts folder with the new entries.

  alternator 14:47 03 Dec 2007

Thanks again for your post. I am afraid I didn't use the csv file approach, as I had assumed that the Address book that Microsoft supplied was in csv format.
If I go down the approach you suggest. Opening spreadsheet and give fields a specific title, what happens if the title fields are different in the program I want to update, for example "Main email" and "1st email" will they transfer over. Secondly do I have to be careful which order I put them in as when it comes to selecting which field is appropriate for which it could take as long as the original csv file (well maybe not -but you know what I mean)

  alternator 15:02 03 Dec 2007

I was just wondering is it possible to export one of my existing address books in csv format. and then import it into either openoffice or Excel spreadsheet.
Rather than building the whole thing from scratch

  MAJ 18:55 03 Dec 2007

Hi alternator, the CSV file can be opened straight away in Excel, it defaults to open in Excel on my PC. The headings are already there, you just have to choose which ones you want to use/keep.

Take your Outlook Contacts as an example.

Go to File > Import and Export.
Choose 'Export to a file'. Click Next.
Choose 'Comma Separated Values (Windows)'. Click Next.
Select Contacts Folder. Click Next.
By Default it will save as Contacts.csv in your My Documents folder. Click Next.
The final step is to choose the fields you wish to use as the headings, Name, Address, etc. To do that, click the 'Map Custom Fields' button. Then drag the ones you want to the right pane of the dialog.
When finished choosing the Fields, click OK. Then Click Finish.
Your contacts have now been exported, but only the fields you chose have been used.
You can now open that Contacts.csv file in Excel and add or delete contacts as you wish, then import then back if that's what you want to do.

  alternator 19:20 03 Dec 2007

I got as far as the exporting into Openoffice I will try it in Excel. The Mapping instructions very useful thanks,
Do you know what the results will be when trying to import these csv values to another program where the titles are different from those recorded in Excel
Cheers for all your help.

  MAJ 19:35 03 Dec 2007

Obviously to and from Outlook and Outlook Express is easy enough, alternator, they both have roughly the same headings, but from Thunderbird, where the headings can be slightly different, you are offered the opportunity to map one to the other, for example if one field was called 'LastName' in Outlook and 'Surname' in Thunderbird, you can map FirstName to Surname, meaning those two would always use the same data.

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