What is best driver updater software?

  Snrub 17:30 25 Jul 2011

What is best driver updater software package that is safe to use?

  chub_tor 17:54 25 Jul 2011

According to this it's Driver Reviver

  Woolwell 17:55 25 Jul 2011

I don't use any. I update drivers only when I have a problem and then I go to the manufacturer's site and download the official driver. Why update when it isn't broken? IMO there are too many problems created by driver update programs and registry cleaners.

  bremner 18:30 25 Jul 2011

I agree totally with Woolwell with one exception.

The occasional use of a simple registry cleaner like Regseeker is worthy as most programs uninstallers can leave behind so much detritus.

  Woolwell 18:40 25 Jul 2011

If I do use a reg cleaner then I use CCleaner.

  bremner 18:54 25 Jul 2011


I have found that while ccleaner is very good at most things it's reg cleaner is not that good.

Regseeker finds literally hundres of additional "things to remove" after running ccleaner.

Regseeker is a tiny program that is not installed just run from an exe

  rawprawn 19:03 25 Jul 2011

if it ain't broke, don't fi it!

  wee eddie 19:05 25 Jul 2011

I have little doubt that Regseeker is very good at finding Orphan Registry Entries and that it finds many that CCleaner misses.

I will, however, stick to CCleaner, which is fairly conservative in it's choice of Orphans, because I do not have the necessary Knowledge Base to identify those that should not be tampered with.

  Snrub 19:06 25 Jul 2011

Anyone used 2011 Systweak Advanced Driver Updater?

  wee eddie 19:11 25 Jul 2011

As to Driver Updates, I tend to leave these until there is no alternative.

Almost all attempts in the past, have ended in tears, if that is an appropriate simile.

However I do have the Microsoft Update Site set to check Drivers for me.

  bremner 19:25 25 Jul 2011

Wee Eddie

Whether it is ccleaner or Regseeker it would be foolish in the extreme not to let the program back up the registry prior to making any change.

Because of this i am more than happy to let Regseeker do its thing in the knowledge that should something go wrong, a restoration of the Registry is possible.

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