What is the Best Colour Printer?

  Act of Kindness 13:29 26 May 2003

I am fairly new to computing and I need a good Inkjet colour printer for printing Colour Photo's from my digital camera. My budget is around £150 and any sensible suggestions would be most welcome. There are so many to choose from I would like the printed photo to be near perfect as poss.

Thanks n advanced.

  -pops- 13:36 26 May 2003

You will probably get as many different replies as their are models of printer.

My own choice would be an Epson, a C80 or C82 (its current version). Never let me down and reasonably economical to run.


  pj123 13:47 26 May 2003

There is no definitive answer to this question. everybody will have their own preferences. I, like pops, always use Epson printers. I have an Epson 895 (brilliant) and a C70 (nearly brilliant) but excellent photo quality prints from both. Don't forget you can't get a good print from a duff photo though. The replacement ink for Epson printers is also cheaper than any other printer. Look at click here to compare prices.

  hmmm 13:52 26 May 2003

its the printer i bought and it produces brilliant text and colour and photos. I have printed 500 pages of text and colour and the ink still shows full...???

  Rayuk 14:03 26 May 2003

Workmate has Epson 915 and has shown me example photo prints which were excellent.
Has card reader so you can print off without using pc
click here
Dbas have them at £130

  Rayuk 14:04 26 May 2003

Dabs also have them

  Spencus 15:47 26 May 2003

All the printers mentioned will give good results if compatible Photo paper is used, I would therefor go for the one most economical to run. Epson probably has the edge

  Act of Kindness 21:32 26 May 2003

Thanks to everyone I will in all probs go for the Epson 830u or the 915.

  broggs 21:40 26 May 2003

The company that I work for sells printers and consumables....Go for the epsom Better quality and cheaper to run.A lot of printer manufacturers sell the printers cheap and get the money back from the sale of colour and black cartridges(almost all of these use a cartridge with a conbined printhead/inktank).They rip you off!!!

  broggs 21:41 26 May 2003

CONbined was spelt right by the way.

  Despicable Desperado 22:05 26 May 2003

If you don't need card slots then the Epson Photo 830 is the way to go - best value photo printer in the market

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