What is the best CD-RW to get?

  TommyRed 14:31 10 Apr 2003

Having been next door and using his CD-RW I reckon it's time to get my own. What is the best economical one and from where can it be obtained? I know someone who can instal it for me.

  MartinT-B 14:44 10 Apr 2003

PLextor is the best IMHO, but not the cheapest.

It's extremely reliable and comes with Nero.

I bought mine for £60 + vat, but wanted a black one, and they're more expensive.

This is what OcUK say about it:

Plextor PlexWriter 48/24/48A CD-RW - Retail (CD-007-PL)
Plextor is well known the for extreme quality and reliability of their drives and the latest 48x CD-RW technology is no different. For serious users and professionals the Plextor PlexWriter boasts superior performance and writing quality. Featuring Overburning up to 99 minutes, SPDIF (Digital Audio Output), High Quality Digital Audio Extraction and Plextors unique 2 years on-site collect and return warranty. The Retail package contains: PlexWriter 48/24/48A, 5 blank CD-R disks, 1 blank CD-R/W disc, CD-Recording software Nero + InCD (OEM version), Plextor Utility software (PlexTools), manual in 16 languages, mounting screws, E-IDE (ATAPI) cable, audio cable. Note - This is the white version of the drive.
£56.30 + VAT and Delivery.
click here
You can probably get it more cheaply elsewhere.

My advice - you get what you pay for and a CD-R/W should last you for some time. Get the best you can afford.

Fitting is not really a problem

click here

  Ben Avery (Work) 15:06 10 Apr 2003

You will get advice from several people about several brands and at the end of the day it comes down to personal choice.

For the record, I have an AsusTek 5224A which will do the following:

"Read" at 52x

"Write" at 52x

"Re-write" at 24x (using a CDRW disc which act like a large floppy diskette and can be erased and used several 100 times)

I can vouch for the quality of the AsusTek Range. My particular drive has never created a bad CD and I use both 3cm and 7cm types (Nero Burning Rom).

As I said, many people will give you advice on different drives, the one above mentioned by MartinT-B gets favourable reviews.

Read the PCA reviews and those of oter companies online and see what you think.


  Pikachu 15:29 10 Apr 2003

I recently bought a Samsung-SM348 click here it has the CD-RW capabilities and will read DVD's. Can't comment on it yet as still awaiting delievery. If you just intersted in CD-RW you better option is what Ben Avery has as its a good make and my mates are happy with there's. Oops nearly forgot its number one on PC Advisors Reviews

  clayton 16:44 10 Apr 2003

Its only £41 plus postage click here

  mikeyb59 17:08 10 Apr 2003

I have one of these too, and its not disappointed me yet.

  Patr100 18:40 10 Apr 2003

Yep, another Liteon user - excellent value.

  kane_2002k 18:44 10 Apr 2003

second mikey's suggestion wicked drive drive, gd software. Lite-on make sony's drives for them so shows they are a quality company

  BBez 19:47 10 Apr 2003

bought my LG 8080b about 2 years ago and have burnt well over 1000 discs with it, although it can be a bit temperamental with CDRWs from time to time...when I upgrade I'll be looking for another LG drive...

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