What is the best calendar?

  hawthorn59 05:07 27 Feb 2009

Hi folks

Id like a calendar where I could enter reminders and they would pop up and remind me about a week or whatever, before the event. Also one that would do so without me having to open it, or perhaps that sits on the desktop always running.

Im sure I read somewhere a description of one like that, and also it was free, I think!



  gel 07:19 27 Feb 2009

Try Google Calendar seems to do all you are asking
Will send you an email as a reminder

  brundle 08:31 27 Feb 2009

Rainlendar fits your description; click here

  DippyGirl 09:56 27 Feb 2009

I use Thundrbird/Lightning and synchronise/share using Google Calendars.
For Reminders/To Dos I have Reminder-Fox add-on in Thunderbird and Firefox (Lightning inbuilt reminders has (or had - havent looked for a bit) issues with repeating items )
I have never been 100% successful sharing the same file - but I am happy maintaining two sets of lists as they tend to be web or calendar/email orientated
The Moz application has to be running for things to pop-up so doesnt address your "perhaps that sits on the desktop always running" requirement but as I usually have at least one if not both running if the PC is on that isnt a problem for me.
If there was something that I needed to know about even if the TB/FF arent running I would use the scheduler

  numskull 10:41 27 Feb 2009

I use Calendarscope click here It is not free.

  Simsy 12:48 27 Feb 2009

click here

and find it great! I use the free version, but there is a paid for version with slightly more features.



  Clapton is God 12:51 27 Feb 2009

If you have MS Office, use Outlook

  hawthorn59 15:18 27 Feb 2009


After I emailed my query last night I thought, well maybe I should have searched first.... so I did and found Desktop Calendar. Yes its simple and does almost everything. 2 things i miss are being able to warn you of an event say, a few days beforehand.

And the other thing I find is if I have more than one entry there is only enough space on the display for the first one to show. Any solutions to these? Other than that its great.


  Clapton is God 15:22 27 Feb 2009

"Any solutions to these?"

As I've already suggested - Outlook.

But, unfortunately, you haven't bothered to comment upon my suggestion and its suitability for your needs.

  Salut 16:48 27 Feb 2009

Rather boringly I still use my trusty (and bruised) Filofax.

Together with PostIt Notes I can even recall my wifes birthday before the event!

  Newuser939 17:52 27 Feb 2009

If you have Vista, doesn't the built in "Windows Calendar" do the job?

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