what is a bad block?

  paul-197296 11:41 09 Apr 2005

In the error log, i am getting a lot of these 'The device,\Device\CdROM0,has a bad block.'
Can anybody please tell me what a bad block is.
Thanks for any help that comes this way, regards Pj.

  Diemmess 12:08 09 Apr 2005

a google search with "bad block" suggests in one item to be bad sectors.

Normally Format will isolate bad sectors.....If you are getting more and more it suggests to me that your HD may be in trouble. Have you had it (the HD)for a long time?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:14 09 Apr 2005

During formatting one might encounter bad spots on the disk, called bad blocks or bad sectors. These are sometimes handled by the drive itself, but even then, if more of them develop, something needs to be done to avoid using those parts of the disk.


Again bad spots on a CD are refered to as bad blocks can be caused by dust or scratches on the disk. If these areas contain data then the program requiring that data may not run. In the case of CD-RW disks the same applies as to the hard drive.

Maybe a clean of the disk is all that is required.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:14 09 Apr 2005

From the device I think this is probably on a CD may be a rewritable he is trying to use like a hard drive with something like INCD?

  woodchip 12:22 09 Apr 2005

CDR and CDRW are like that, they are not as good as a Hard Drive. Reflected in the price and reliability

  paul-197296 14:48 09 Apr 2005

Thanks Diemmess, the hard drive is about 3 yrs old.It's just a standard e machine 350. They seem to come up when we play age of empires,( and its not a copy), disk is also in goog condition, but will give it a clean anyway.Thanks for your help.

  Diemmess 18:29 09 Apr 2005

I'm sorry to emphasise the HD. I missed the CD clue. I am sure Fruit Bat /\0/\ is correct with his posts to you and to me.

woodchip makes a good point too, for important data I would be very wary of a RW disk.

  paul-197296 21:18 09 Apr 2005

Thanks to every one for there help and effort, to help me.
regards claude.

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