What back-up software?

  1936 18:54 27 Jan 2009

I'm not at all happy with the Retrospect software for backing-up. Doea anyone have any sugestions for an easy to understand package?

  MAT ALAN 19:03 27 Jan 2009

click here

tried and tested by many on this forum i have version 10 its a superb piece of software and very simple to use ( must be i got it)...

  MAJ 19:59 27 Jan 2009

At it's simplest all you have to do is drag and drop the files and folders, that you want to backup, to the external drive.

  1936 23:40 28 Jan 2009

As I said above, I was not at all happy with Retrospect in that it was not as simple as I would have liked to use and it did not always behave as it should. I have read about Acronis True Image 11 (PC) and it claims that all one has to do is to drag the file one wants to back-up to the back-up area and bobs your uncle.
This may appear a stupid question but bearing in mind that one can drag a file to any folder why does one require a piece of software to back-up? I have not tried it because I am afraid of mucking everything up.

  Snec 01:34 29 Jan 2009

For system backup Acronis cannot be beaten but to use it for data backup is overkill in the extreme.

For data backup I have used Cobian for several years and thoroughly recommend it. It is free, but unlike many of the free ones it is totally reliable. click here

I know someone who used something called Karen's Replictor and he thought he was backing up daily only to discover, to his cost, that many subfolders had been skipped. There are many unreliable free ones out there. Cobian will not let you down.

  mooly 08:10 29 Jan 2009

click here
wouldn't be without it !

  Pine Man 08:46 29 Jan 2009

To give proper advice to you we all need to know exactly what you mean by backing-up.

Everybody has different requirements, from keeping a copy of word documents to making an image of the complete contents of a hard drive.

  1936 09:43 29 Jan 2009

You are absolutely right Pine Man. I have to say that I do not really understand what is meant by backing-up.
I am not sure if I really need to back up everything on my computer such as all the operating system and other software and not just the documents and photographs.
On balance I suspect that it does make sense to have a total back-up of everything just in case of a catastrophic failure. I suspect that the figures below show that I have done a total back-up although I am not sure. I would welcom your advice.

When I open up my systems information I find the following:

Drive C:
63.5 GB
Used space 63.5
Free space 211GB

I had an extra drive put in where I keep all my photographs and where I intend to keep videos I am building of grandchildren etc.

Drive F:
Capacity 465 GB
Used space 46.6 GB
Free space 419 GB

When I open up my external hard drive I see:
Capacity 931 GB
Used space 179 GB
Free space 751 GB

I hope the above makes sense.

  1936 09:46 29 Jan 2009

I have just re-read Snec "For system backup Acronis cannot be beaten but to use it for data backup is overkill in the extreme."

I thought that Acronis did both and if not then have I wasted my money?

  Pine Man 14:16 29 Jan 2009

Acronis is brilliant and, yes, it does do both!

The best thing to use Acronis for is a complete system 'image' back up and if the whole lot goes belly up you can reinstall the whole lot and be up and running again in about 20 minutes. You can also recover individual files from the image you have taken.

If you merely want to save documents there are cheaper ways of doing it but Acronis, in my opinion, is the way to go.

  1936 17:10 29 Jan 2009

Its not here yet so I wait with intrest.

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