What are USB ADSL modems for?

  CurlyWhirly 21:21 19 Jul 2004

I know what a standard dial-up modem does and that is to convert (analogue) sounds to (digital) computer data and this is one of the limiting factors that means that speeds of no more than 56k can be achieved.
I am almost sure that with broadband the signal doesn't need converting as the computer data is already in the digital format which computers understand.
I do know that in order to avoid interference between the analogue sound (for telephone calls) and the digital data a filter is used.
I still don't know why a ADSL modem is there as the digital signal is already seperated from the analogue sound as you have a filter between the phone socket and the ADSL modem?
Does anybody know what purpose they serve then?

  stalion 21:27 19 Jul 2004

you have to have a specific modem for asdl broadband.A dial up modem is no good

  CurlyWhirly 21:33 19 Jul 2004


Cheers for that - I know a dial-up modem is no good for broadband but it still doesn't explain why you NEED a ADSL modem when the signal is ALREADY digital which computers understamd as they work in binary which is 1's and 0's?

  whybe 21:57 19 Jul 2004

Does it need to ensure that the ADSL service and link is up and running? Does it switch it on somehow? It would be good to know.

  CurlyWhirly 22:01 19 Jul 2004


Yes it would be good to know as this has been bugging me for ages!
The only reason why I am asking this question is that since joining this PC Advisor forum most members don't treat you like idiots when you ask a simple question well that is my experience so far! lol

  stalion 22:08 19 Jul 2004

no further help forthcomimg

  CurlyWhirly 22:13 19 Jul 2004


I didn't mean that YOU were trewating me like an idiot!
What I meant was that this question had been bugging me for some time (since I had broadband over 12 months ago) and it is because this forum has been so good at answering most of my queries that I feel I can include this thread - sorry if I offended you I didn't mean to honest as my comments WERE NOT directed at you.

  James-286079 22:13 19 Jul 2004

ADSL modems are a lot faster and use the available bandwidth a lot more efficiently than a dial up modem.
Conventional dial up technology is simply not good enough to carry the amount of data that an ADSL enabled line does.
It's simply the technology of the line needs some more sophisicated equipment to use it.


  Graham ® 22:14 19 Jul 2004

A 56K modem converts the computer digital to analogue for transmission over the telephone line.

An ADSL modem (it's not really a modem, just a terminolgy) is actually an interface between the PC and the broadband network.

  TomJerry 22:16 19 Jul 2004

The only difference between adsl and normal dial-up is adsl signal is in very high frequency. I maybe wrong, so I am going to dig up a textbook and give you more technical explanation tommorrow.

  CurlyWhirly 22:17 19 Jul 2004

Thanks I feel that my query is answered.
I wish to apologise again if I have offended STALION - no hard feelings mate?

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