what are these files?

  freefx 23:20 18 Jan 2004

found these files hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sy in my root directory. They are quite large too. 523MB and 786MB respectively. Dont know how they got there and what are they?

Can I remove them from my HDD for good? Notice they are system files.

Any advice please

  hugh-265156 23:31 18 Jan 2004

pagefile.sys is a part of your hard drive used as virtual memory when you run out of physical memory.

hiberfil.sys i think is the settings that are stored when you use hibernation.

i would not delete any of these.

set you swap file to windows managed size in control panel/system/advanced/performance/settings/advanced if you use xp and then set your windows system files to hidden that way you wont delete any by mistake.

use cleanup to safely delete any temp files etc you wish to get rid of click here

  freefx 23:40 18 Jan 2004

Thanks huggy

  freefx 23:41 18 Jan 2004


  hugh-265156 23:49 18 Jan 2004

what i ment to say above was if you whish to change the swap file settings the set to windows managed size.leave it alone if all is well.sorry.

hide your system files start/control panel/tools/folder options/view tick "do not show hidden files and folders"

cleanup works well on standard or basic setting via options menu.use once a week or so to keep everything tidy.

be careful dont use the thorough setting.

  The Spires 23:51 18 Jan 2004

If you don't use Hibernate you can free up disk space equal to your system memory size. Go 'Control Panel/Power Options/Hibernate Tab' - Untick 'Enable Hibernation'.

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