What are these account? Can I delete them?

  amyfleur 22:15 12 Feb 2010

In my Internet Accounts (Outlook Express) there are some accounts I was not aware of.

WhoWhere Internet Directory Service

VeriSign Internet Directory Service

Bigfoot Internet Directory Service

Active Directory

Not including my own accounts (4)

Shall I boot them out? Thanks

  Pamy 10:28 13 Feb 2010

What harm are they causing you?

If it works OK leave well alone for now

  Sea Urchin 11:47 13 Feb 2010

They are not accounts - but directory services. When using Outlook Express you will by default be on the Mail tab - so the directory services will not even be visible. As Pamy says you gain nothing by removing them.

  amyfleur 18:06 13 Feb 2010

Okay, thanks.

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