what are ideal swap file settings?

  Sisha 15:55 07 Apr 2003

for a windows 98se system with an 80GB seagate baracuda 7200rpm drive and 512 MB of 2700 kingston ram

  cream. 16:07 07 Apr 2003

If it were my system then I would have the min swap file set at 1250Mb and the max swap file set at 1250Mb.

Do you have a partition or slave drive as setting the swop file to these will be more beneficial.

  Simsy 16:08 07 Apr 2003

Using "Cacheman", from click here , will make a good job of sorting the setting, (and other associated settings), for you.

Good luck,



  Sisha 18:07 07 Apr 2003

37gb win98, 37gb xppro and 6gb is the drive I use to download things for safety. All running on fat32.

I mainly use the machine for games and office apps

thanks all

  Sisha 18:09 07 Apr 2003

set the min and max to the same amount?

  Kryten 18:17 07 Apr 2003
  flecc 19:05 07 Apr 2003

Setting the same for min and max improves performance since your system hasn't got to use resources to continuously recalculate the size.

  flecc 19:09 07 Apr 2003

The latest PC Advisor magazine (May) has additional information on getting the best from your swap file. It's on page 96.

  cream. 19:31 07 Apr 2003

As flecc says this help with system resources when you need your swap file.

It also does help with the fragmentation of files, especially for 98. Because you fix the min and max settings to the same size.

When you do need this swap file it is, marked as fixed on the hard drive and not variable. This stops the swop file shrinking and expanding. So if you are writing files anyware near to this on the hard drive, you will have less chance of the file being split or fragmented. This in the long run should help when defragmenting files.

  david4637 19:59 07 Apr 2003

What size would you recommend for 6 GB HD (C:\ - 2.5GB and D:\ - 3.5GB, swap file on D: )? Thanks David

  flecc 20:12 07 Apr 2003

It's not the hard drive size that matters but the RAM you have. Set it at about three times the amount of RAM that you have with minimum and maximum the same.

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