What are good printers to buy?

  morefire 11:55 08 Aug 2006

I want to buy a printer i can use to print business cards, A7, A6, A5, A4 documents on (at least) 250gsm paper.

I dont know if there is a printer that can print glossy images on the paper or if i would need to buy the glossy paper and then print on it. But then i would need a printer that can print on the glossy paper and the ink wont run as soon as you smuge it or water catches it.

Can anyone advise me on the correct path to take in getting a printer like this.

Quality is essential but speed isnt a factor.

  Bagsey 13:59 08 Aug 2006

I depends on how much you can spend but if you are like me a poor poverty stricken OAP :-)) then go for the EPSO PHOTO R220. it will do all you want and more for about £65.0 from PC World. Also get Compat ink from click here or click here

  johnnyrocker 14:03 08 Aug 2006

epson for me too.


  morefire 14:36 08 Aug 2006

i was thinking of goin epson also, but would i need to get the ink that can print glossy, or would i need to buy 3000gsm glossy paper?

  Bagsey 09:12 10 Aug 2006

I have never come across any ink that will print and make a glossy surface. I would think that you will need to buy glossy photo paper. Thinks that I use from the links I gave earlier are many times cheaper than epson cartridges and in my opinion are just as good. There has been many threads on here about loss of warranty by using compatible cartridges, well what hell Choice Staionary say that if their ink damages a printer they will repair or replace it. Also the price of a new printer is less than the cost of a set of epsons own ink cartridges.

  Bagsey 09:13 10 Aug 2006

For "Thinks" read The inks. To early in the day

  Stuartli 09:25 10 Aug 2006


You are probably thinking of Epson's Durabrite inks (See click here)

Not cheap and you will be very unlikely to get a compatible cartridges set of such quality.

However, Epson's printer software includes the selection of standard and best photo printing settings when using standard inkjet cartridges.

It's the paper itself that provides the glossy or matt finishes and you choose which is appropriate.

  morefire 12:17 10 Aug 2006

Thank you all for yor help, its been much appreciated

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