What are the AVG Updates ?

  Furkin 11:28 21 Mar 2010

Hi all,
Some of you might recall my previous posts re: AVG updates.
At the moment - after uninstalling v9.0 & re-installing the good old 8.5, I am now getting the AVG pop-ups asking if I want to update.
The last time I accepted this - it installed v9.0 - which I didn't want.

If these new pop-ups are to update my 8.5, then Yes - I want to accept.
But if it to load another version 9.0, then No I don't.

1/ How do I know what these pop-ups are offering ?

2/ Can we still update v8.5 ?

3/ As the v9.0 problems only effected some of us, does anyone know if AVG are working on resolving the problems, either for v9.0 or even v10.0 ? ?


  peter99co 14:00 21 Mar 2010

and give it another try.

I have put it back on an older PC and it (VER 9) is fine.

  compumac 16:02 21 Mar 2010

I have a squared antimalware and when I went to move from AVG 8.5 to AVG V9 AVG requested that I remove a squared antimalware prior to installation of AVG 9. I regard a squared anti malware too valuable to remove. It was indicated that there will probably be conflict between the two. Anyone comment?

  compumac 16:19 21 Mar 2010

Sorry I should have started my own thread.

  peter99co 17:34 21 Mar 2010

AVG has its own anti malware and probably conflict.

  Furkin 07:53 22 Mar 2010

If I have this right - as long as I update from the USER INTERFACE of my 8.5 - it will only update said 8.5.

If I click on a Pop-Up, it may well want to update me to version to 9.0 ?

In that case, i'll stick with the User Interface updates - for the time being.

cheers all

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