What Are AOL Playing At?

  DavidM4 19:36 11 Jan 2005

Last year I was informed that I was to be made redundant on the 31st December so I decided to downgrade my AOL broadband from the £24.99 Gold package to the £17.99 Silver package. I contacted AOL in November through their “live help” service to see how long was left on my 12 month contract for the Gold package and was informed I had completed 11 months, 3 weeks and 4 days so waited for the full 12 months to expire then contacted AOL “live help” for a downgrade. I was told by “live help” that I couldn’t do any account cancelling or downgrading through them and was given a telephone number, so I rang the number and a man informed me that I had to ring another number, so I rang the next number and was greeted with an automated phone line from which I chose option 2 “cancel your AOL account”, because by now this is what I wanted to do. Yet another automated answer told me I had to cancel my account by sending an email from my screen name to [email protected] . I did as it instructed and supplied my screen name, full name, last 4 digits of the payment method and daytime and evening telephone numbers. They replied with an email telling me to ring a telephone number. I rang the number today (11/01/05) gave my details and the lady informed me that she could not cancel my account because I had agreed a new 12 month contract for AOL Broadband Platinum at £29.99 per month on December 31st. Now I know I have had a lot on my plate recently but I am not ready for the asylum yet and lets face it a married man with 2 young children who has just been made redundant at Christmas does not go upgrading his broadband connection because fast internet is way, way down on my priorities right now. What are AOL playing at?

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 19:45 11 Jan 2005

Not sure we can answer that directly. You're not the only one mind that has had a bit of a 'run around' click here .

Ask them to give you some evidence that you signed up for it - if they can't provide they will have to downgrade your BB or cancel it.

  fourjays 19:53 11 Jan 2005

I have got no idea what they are playing at, but I am sure the FE will have some advise.

It sounds like they have gone and renewed your years subscription automatically.

I have had several bad experiences with them now, and I can only say that it sounds very typical of them. :(

  Djohn 20:01 11 Jan 2005

but when I was with AOL once your 12 month contract was completed you were then on a month by month contract and could cease or downgrade at any time with just a months notice. I was with AOL for three years and never had to renew a contract at any time in that period.

  DavidM4 20:05 11 Jan 2005

They also offered me McVS free for a month aswell and said if I cancelled it before the month was up it was free otherwise they would debit my account. I cancelled after a couple of weeks because I have AVG but they keep taking the cash for that.

  DavidM4 20:08 11 Jan 2005

How can people defend an ISP that has people setting up dedicated sites on cancelling your account, GOOGLE "Cancelling AOL".

  DavidM4 20:25 11 Jan 2005

What does FE mean? excuse me I'm a bit thick.

  CurlyWhirly 20:55 11 Jan 2005

What does FE mean?

It means 'Forum Editor'. You are not thick as when I first joined the PCA forum I didn't know what it meant either!

  Djohn 20:56 11 Jan 2005

FE is the initials for Forum Editor, in this instance the Editor of PCA forum who will no doubt read your thread and offer assistance if required.
As for defending AOL? I would, every time.

I left for reasons disclosed in this forum last year but had none of the trouble your having. I'm sorry to hear your having so much trouble in cancelling your account but my experience was the entire opposite, they released me from a 12 month contract after only 4 months without any penalty and with their best wishes for my future surfing and that I would be welcome back as a customer at any time.

AOL is not for everyone as they are entirely different than most ISP's in the way they offer not only a connection to the internet but a complete package with many exclusive services to their members.

As for removing AOL from your PC, that too is no more difficult than many applications that you may have. Zonealarm is one example [Firewall] that leaves quite a bit of itself in your registry after removing the application.

I am very happy with the ISP I'm currently with but would have no hesitation in recommending or going back to AOL myself at any time. Its a shame to see so many post in the link above that jump on the bandwagon to rubbish AOL at any opportunity they get. Most of the reports are always, "A friend of mine says never touch AOL ..." Or " My friends best friend had the same problem with AOL"

There are many thousands of people in this country alone that are very happy with the service AOL provide and a good few hundred of them are members of this forum.

Good luck in cancelling your account but I do feel that if you approach the right person in the correct department of AOL you will not need any luck, they will do as you request, and refund any money they have taken from you account for any period of time after your cancellation. Yes, they will try to keep you as a customer just as any business will, If I was running a business then I too would do all I could to keep my customers happy and to persuade them to stay with me unless I found it impossible to meet their requirements.

  JIM 20:56 11 Jan 2005

i have a bad habit of keeping emails more so when dealing with any online services. If you have your conformation email.Like the following etc. it will have the date time year.

Subject: AOL Broadband Registration - Order Completed

Date: 01/08/2003 19:21:04 GMT Daylight Time

Dear AOL Member

Great news! We are pleased to confirm your telephone line has now been upgraded for AOL Broadband, and within the next three working days you will receive your AOL Broadband Easy-Install pack*. This contains everything you need to install AOL Broadband on your computer, including an Easy-Install Guide. All that you need to do is follow the steps outlined in the guide, and you will be online with AOL Broadband in no time at all.Bla bla bla

  DavidM4 00:11 12 Jan 2005

I wasn't having a pop at you about AOL more about some of the people in the link JaßîsFaß ˜ posted. I too have been very happy with AOL for years it's just since they took it upon themselves to renew an unwanted contract for me I have been reading up on them and overall it doesn't make happy reading (for AOL or me), If I still had my job I would not even be downgrading so I would be non the wiser.

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