What anit-spyware/malware do I need, if any?

  hawthorn59 17:43 24 Mar 2009


I have new-ish laptop, Vista. Im using Avira AntiVir at the moment. I dont have anti spyware or malware software and Im wondering if I should have.

I think (but maybe Im only imagining) the laptop is running a little slow at time. Should I install Adaware? I scanned with Windows Defender and found nothing, but then never did with Defender!

Finally would you recommend AVG8 over Avira (it has occasional popup screens)?



  mooly 17:52 24 Mar 2009

My own recommend is FSecure Internet Security 2009, I use this on a Vista notebook... brilliant, used FSecure for 3 years. Run that and that alone, switch defender off. Has it's own firewall too. Under 20quid for boxed retail version at Amazon for a 3PC license.
Never had any malware/spyware issues.

  skidzy 18:59 24 Mar 2009
  timd1978 19:08 24 Mar 2009

Don't bother getting Kaspersky, it gets in the way of some of the windows security I found. I always liked Mcaffee. Avoid AVG becasuse you might find major problems in getting rid of every aspect of this if you ever want to put another protection program on - I found you can't get rid of all the files and no matter how had I tried and called the service people of the computer, they could not help and I had to reinstall everything just to get rid of it - it came pre-installed

  mooly 19:19 24 Mar 2009

Will just add that FSecure will provide a removal tool to completely uninstall the package. I run this every time I renew to get a clean start. There email support is exemplary.

  gazzaho 19:43 24 Mar 2009

I use F-Secure myself and have just updated to the 2009 version and as mooly states it now has a removal tool for removing other security suites prior to installation, I found, for me anyway it was the most user friendly. I'm not recommending it, just adding my opinion. Avast is free and a lot of people on these forums recommend it.

In general you should only have one virus suite installed and one firewall, any more and you will run into trouble as one will conflict with another. Spyware is different you can install any without conflict, but I wouldn'r recommend running two together. I use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware found here click here SuperAntiSpyware found here click here and SpywareBlaster found here click here myself for blocking and checking for spyware.

  gazzaho 19:49 24 Mar 2009

I forgot to say that I tried the Avira Security suite to evaluate it and couldn't get my Internet connection working after installing it, it wouldn't even connect to update itself. After an hour faffing about with firewall settings I gave up and uninstalled it reverting to F-Secure after which my connection was fully restored. I'm guessing it had something to do with the firewall on Avira but I couldn't figure out the problem.

  birdface 20:15 24 Mar 2009

AVG removal tool if you need it.
click here 8.5 is the new free version.
I would remove defender and download A Squared and Malwarebytes make sure you pick the free versions.Also Spywareblaster.
If you have Avira downloaded better just using that or if you are not to keen on it you have Avast or AVG to pick from,All free.

  gazzaho 20:26 24 Mar 2009

Have you tried using Revo uninstaller for removing programs? It does a pretty good job of removal and uses the uninstaller of the program you're removing then deals with registry entries and folders usually left behind by these uninstallers.

  timd1978 21:57 24 Mar 2009

I did try a couple of the removal progs at the time but this was a while ago and I got really annoyed so just did the reset. I will have a look at Revo and 8.5 though for when my Kaspersky runs out, thanks for that :O)

  hawthorn59 01:28 25 Mar 2009

Thanks all!

I'll try Superantispyware.

I use Revo Uninstaller and find it very good.


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