what add/remove programme?

  hawthorn59 14:05 28 Jul 2008

Anyone know a decent (free!) add/remove or uninstall programme? Add/Remove in windows doesnt track everything.



  Clapton is God 14:08 28 Jul 2008

I may be wrong, but it's not usually a good idea to use anything other than the program's own uninstall facility or the Windows uninstall facility.

  ambra4 14:15 28 Jul 2008

Clapton is God.

You are wrong, Microsoft Add/Remove program, is Microsoft way to keep a check on

the programs that you have install on the computer

Forget Microsoft Add/Remove program as it leave files in the registry and on the hard

drive which will causes problem uninstalling and reinstalling programs.

Use Revo Uninstaller

click here

If the windows request message to reboot appear DO NOT click the NO button Revo will

now search the registry and hard drive for any files that is not required, just click the

Select All button and the Delete button if any left over files are found once the “Finish”

button appear you can than reboot the computer

  Clapton is God 14:17 28 Jul 2008

I stand corrected!

  oldbeefer2 14:47 28 Jul 2008

No-one is perfect!

  Clapton is God 14:49 28 Jul 2008

And there was me thinking ..... ;-))

  ambra4 16:16 28 Jul 2008

Clapton is God

No offence meant, have always found that the Microsoft program Add/Remove leave a lot of items in

the registry and on the hard drive, since Windows 98SE I personally have stop using it to remove software

from any computer that I work on

Before I found Revo Uninstaller The program that I used was “Add/Remove 4 Good”

click here\

  Ditch999 17:05 28 Jul 2008

And just to complicate things, if you use a 3rd party uninstaller on an anti-virus product what do you think the anti-virus product is going to think?

Help, I'm being attacked by 3rd party software! Launch the missiles! Call out the troops! Commit suicide and take the OS with me!

For the full version click here

  ambra4 17:51 28 Jul 2008


Never had a problem using Revo Uninstaller to remove All of Norton anti-virus software all of McAfee

Anti-virus software, AVG anti-virus software, Symantec Anti-virus software, Office 2000, Office 2007,

Nero 8 etc or any programs

You must remove ALL of the listed programs under Norton, McAfee etc, you cannot just uninstall the

Anti-Virus and leave the rest like Internet Security etc even the Norton Update program must be


In other word when you run Revo Uninstaller and there is 8 programs listed under Norton you have to

remove them ALL not one or two ALL and DO Not Reboot when requested only reboot after Revo

Uninstaller has completed and the Finish Button appears

So persons who are having problems after using Revo Uninstaller to uninstall software do not have a clue

on how to use the program property

As for your link he just don’t know how to use the program property or don’t have a clue on what a Anti-

Virus software does

  Cuddles 18:13 28 Jul 2008

What about cc cleaner that has an uninstall feature click here

  Ditch999 20:17 28 Jul 2008


If Revo does as you say then what confidence can people have in an anti virus programme that can be uninstalled by 3rd party software?

You also say "DO Not Reboot when requested"
Is this a fault with Revo if it requests you to reboot and you should not?

I have not used Revo, never had reason to, but I accept that some built in Uninstallers are not very good, however when you are dealing with clients I dont think its advisable to point them in the direction of software that isn't written properly and requests a reboot before its due.

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