What about this laptop ???

  grabster 19:09 16 Dec 2006

Just been looking for a laptop for the missus, i dont want nothing special,just something that she can play her games on (big fish sorta stuff ) and connect to the web using wireless, nothing too cpu heavy.
seen this and as it is just at my limit ...click here
whaddya reckon.... anything else i should look at instead ?

  skidzy 19:13 16 Dec 2006

Where ever you look,i do not think that this system can be beaten at the moment....especially for that price.

I reommended this very recently on PCA,as long as no high end games are played/try to play.. it will do you just about perfect.

Funny thing is,going tomorrow to pick one up for my son.

  grabster 19:20 16 Dec 2006

Well this system gives me just what im looking for, i just wanted to see if maybe there was a better offering out there at the moment.
This laptop will spend its life on the wifes lap while she watches soaps and DOESN'T keep asking if the pc is free.Nothing too intensive and web connectible is all i ask.
Its a small price too pay ;0)

  skidzy 19:25 16 Dec 2006

I have 3 systems grabster shared among 5,just not enough...hence the xmas prezzie tomorrow.

Never ever did i think that a pc or lappy would cause so much trouble in my house....untill one each,no one will be satisfied :-)))

  Totally-braindead 19:26 16 Dec 2006

The games thing you mention "big fish sort of stuff" I'm unsure of what you mean. If its a graphics intensive game you're on about it will not run on this laptop in fact a graphics intensive game wouldn't run on many laptops. If its a flash game then theres no problem.

Oh and I know they call them laptops but its not a good idea to sit them right on your lap for 2 reasons. One a lot of them get rather hot and two by having them sitting on your lap you can block the cooling slots and make them overheat. If you use something like a tray then theres no problem there either.

  grabster 19:29 16 Dec 2006

What i mean by big fish sorta stuff i mean puzzle type games, click here
nothing too taxing,sorry i should have been more precise.

  grabster 19:30 16 Dec 2006

skidzy, you think this system is ok then cos i can order now for delivery before xmas.

  Totally-braindead 19:31 16 Dec 2006

Thats ok its just I wasn't sure what the games you refered to were. It should run that ok.

  skidzy 19:41 16 Dec 2006

Yes i think for your purpose its absolutely fine.

The main plus side to this machine for the money is the cpu and ram.

A lot of laptops are offering just 512mb ram and a celeron cpu,so what you get here for the same money is very good value.

Though if you could wait till the new year sales,i think you may pick up a better bargain...but hey its Christmas time :-)))

  grabster 19:50 16 Dec 2006

Hmmm... i just checked and i cant get delivery before the 29th, my local store dont have it for pickup either.

  skidzy 08:50 17 Dec 2006

Morning Grabster,im off to pick one up this morning.Now i take it you used the store and collect feature on the web page.
Do you have another store near to you,because if so...the store and collect fearure should let you know the nearest store that has them in stock/if in stock.In my area it gives me 3 options in a 20 mile radius.

Hope you manage to get hold of one Grabster.Will let you know how i get on also.

Good luck.

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