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  kwikmann 08:08 21 Jun 2006

Have with the help of this forum set up my D-Link router and so when i first go online everything is great for a few minutes and then i start getting error messages such as: Server not found, no matter what browser i am using at the time. And yet at the same i am informed via the taskbar that the Wireless Network is connected with a speed of 54Mbps and an excellent signal?

When the router does lose the connection i am informed that: Acquiring network address. Could i have entered my ISP'S address incorrectly?

Or could there be something wrong with my computer as i am now starting to beleive may be the cause of the problem? Any help resolve this problem would be really appreciated. Many thanks. Kwikmann

  mgmcc 11:28 21 Jun 2006

It is most likely that the wireless adapter in the PC is losing its IP address, which could be due to interference with the wireless signal.

Make sure you have no mobile/cordless phones located near either the router or the PC (WiFi adapter). Also avoid close proximity to large metal objects, in particular central heating radiators.

Try changing the channel number in the router, which is probably using the default "11" unless you've already changed it. Try something like "8" or "6".

Also allocating a fixed IP address to the wireless adapter might help to keep the connection active. This needs to be in the same subnet (IP address range) as that used by the router. For example, if the router's IP address is give the adapter the addresses:

IP address

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway (the *router's* IP address)

DNS Server address (the *router's* IP address)

The first two 'octets' of the router's IP address will almost certainly be 192.168 so just make sure the third 'octet' you use matches that of the router. The final 'octet' can be anything between 2 and 254.

  kwikmann 12:29 21 Jun 2006

Thanks for all the info mgmcc i will certainly try and carry out your suggestions. I know this is going to sound stupid but i am using a wireless keyboard. Could that be the cause of interefernce? Kwikmann

  mgmcc 18:00 21 Jun 2006

No, a wireless keyboard shouldn't cause a problem with wireless networking.

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