" Whacky OS"

  tomtojo 22:26 04 Jan 2007

When I installed XP on a partition, I got a desk top
with everything extra large, letters,icons,etc.
Would'nt mind if it was a XL burger!!!
Even taskbar about 1" high,! Sorted that, went to display sorted few more out, but still big and clumsy
looking, is there any way to set the lot to normal.

And theirs more! When I tried to type(@) got dash, even on other keyboard.
Hope someone has an idea.


  Totally-braindead 22:30 04 Jan 2007

The keyboard is because you've got it set to English US instead of English UK.
Regarding what the desktop looks like did you install the motherboard drivers after you installed XP and then installed the grahics drivers etc?

  tomtojo 23:11 04 Jan 2007

I have XP as my maian OS, I just installed another XP on my partition, would I need to install grahics drivers again?, Im new at this,

PS, how do I swap from US to English UK.

Thanks alot.

  tomtojo 23:49 04 Jan 2007

Can I install drivers on to partition XP after install, and will it affect my main OS, IBM pc.

  woodchip 00:06 05 Jan 2007

Yes you are running at wrong resolution. Plus colours will be only 16. As above you need to load Graphics Drivers

  tomtojo 09:29 05 Jan 2007

Will loading drivers fix keyboard also,or will I have to do that myself. if so, how do I do it.


  brundle 09:45 05 Jan 2007

Control Panel/Keyboard, change to UK, remove US

  brundle 09:46 05 Jan 2007

The two installations are entirely separate, the worst that can happen is programs are downloaded/installed to the wrong drive, that can cause a few problems but nothing that can't be sorted out.

  tomtojo 10:03 05 Jan 2007

I have got IBM drivers on disk, do I just load them from the disk,

Thanks Tom

  brundle 10:10 05 Jan 2007

If it's a CD that came with your PC, yes.

  tomtojo 10:23 05 Jan 2007

I have looked at keyboard, no way to change settings,

Power management,
no check boxes anywhere.

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