WG602v3 help needed please

  daverog 00:38 14 Oct 2006

Hello. I am new to this forum so if I make any protocol mistakes please bear with me. If someone can please help me to understand how to set up an additional access point to act as a sort of signal repeater to an existing wireless network I’d be most grateful.

The current position is that I have a nicely-working wireless network that I set up myself between my PC in a bedroom I use as an office and a laptop (which I mostly use in the living room). The equipment is Netgear and comprises a DG834G v2 (5-in-1 router AP, firewall, modem & 4-port ethernet hub). This connects via ethernet to an old-ish PC that I use for oddments; wirelessly to a WG311v2 PCI card in my main computer and wirelessly to a WG511 PCMCIA card in my laptop. All these are ‘g’ rated and have updated drivers. I want to be able to use my laptop slightly further away from the router but the signal starts to degrade when I reach the conservatory and is very weak if I go into the summer house.

I telephoned to ask a technician on the UK Netgear phone helpline for advice on compatible equipment to extend the signal. I told him what I wanted to do and asked him if there was such a thing as a device that would act as a ‘repeater’ that I could position at a point roughly a halfway between the bedroom and the summerhouse - say the kitchen - which would allow for the conservatory as well - and I was told I needed to buy 2 stand-alone WG602v3 Access Points which I did.

The instructions on setting up the access points are clear as far as they go but under the heading of ‘Deploy the WG602’, step 3 it says “Connect an ethernet cable from your WG602 Access Point to a LAN port on the router” … “verify connectivity” … and this is where it loses me. I made it quite clear that I wanted a ‘stand-alone’ device - in other words, not connected to either computer but the instructions seem to be saying otherwise and I simply don’t understand it. Have I bought the wrong equipment? I hope not because having spent £80-odd pounds on these 2 APs (and why did I need to have 2? I have now reached the limit of my budget.

I’ve got a dreadful feeling I’m being a dumbo here so I hope somebody can put me straight.

  Danoh 00:50 14 Oct 2006

The ethernet cable from one Access Point needs to be connected to one of the 4 ethernet ports in your DG834g router rather then any other computer?
Unless you wanted to have a wireless connection between your router and an Access point?
And really grasping at straws now, maybe thats why 2 Access Points? Even though you could get the reach to your summer house by swapping the Access point's aerial from an omni directional to a uni-directional or even hyperbolic reflector type?

Using MIMO, I've achieved coverage throughout the whole house and right out to the end of my garden as the router is sited in my conservatory.

  mgmcc 08:22 14 Oct 2006

Just had a look at the WG602 'spec' and it does indeed say that it can be used in "repeater" mode to extend a wireless signal, but that two are required.

I *suspect* what you have to do is connect them together by ethernet cable, set one to run as a Wireless Access Point and the other in "repeater" mode to run as a Wireless Network Bridge.

The remotely located computer will connect in the normal way to the new Wireless Access Point and the Wireless Network Bridge (repeater mode) will connect to the DG834G's built-in Wireless Access Point.

A "Wireless Access Point" is, as its name suggests a point of access for wireless devices to connect to a *wired* network.

A "Wireless Network Bridge" is the opposite. It provides access for *wired* devices to a connect to a *wireless* network.

Two Wireless Access Points cannot communicate directly, but a Wireless Network Bridge can communicate with a Wireless Access Point.

  mgmcc 08:42 14 Oct 2006

What I would suggest you do is:

1) Initially plug the WG602 that you are going to use as a Wireless Access Point directly into one of the routers LAN ports. Use any provided software (or its IP address) to configure it - SSID, Channel number, encryption etc - and once configured, make sure that you can connect to it wirelessly from the laptop. Use a different SSID and channel number from those used with the DG834's own Wireless Access Point.

2) Connect the second WG602 that you are going to use as a Wireless Network Bridge (repeater mode) directly into a PC's ethernet port. Configure it so that it can connect to the DG834 router wirelessly, i.e. it is functioning with the PC as though you were using a WiFi adapter.

With both devices configured and working properly, move them to their intended location between the router and the remote laptop, connect them by ethernet cable (might need a "crossover" cable) and see if they work as intended.

If this is dramatically different from what the manual suggests, then I'm way off track, so go with the manual. ;)

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