Scubaman 00:52 18 Aug 2005

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? When I boot up I keep getting a window:
'Open File - Scurity Warning'
Name: WFXScan.exe
Publisher: Winsoft Corporation
Type: Aplication

I have tried to delete it but when I start up there it is again. I have tried Microsoft AntiSpyware but it is still there. Can anyone tell me what it is and how do I get rid of it? There doesn't seem to by any reference to it in the forum.
Many thanks

  johnnyrocker 00:58 18 Aug 2005

start with os and move on to av followed by what anti spyware you have on board and you might start to get some usefull feedback


  AndySD 02:12 18 Aug 2005

Its Winfixer

From their website

1. Click Start -> Run.

2. Type "msconfig" (without the quotes) -> press OK. Now System Configuration Utility opened.

3. Go to the "Startup" tab.

4. Please find and uncheck the check-box near next filename: "ni.uwfx5lp_001_0614", or some similar filename with some other digits instead of the ones mentioned in example.

  Scubaman 22:25 28 Oct 2005


  skidzy 20:49 02 Apr 2006


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