Western Digital - false temperatures

  johndrew 11:55 10 Jul 2006

A short while ago this thread caught my eye click here since the I have purchased a WD2500KS which gave similar readings. This confused me as my Maxtors were indicating about 40C consistently so I contacted WD Support, their response is below for the information of anyone else who may be affected by the problem.

`The temperature being reported is false. We are aware of the problem and are working on a solution. Our apologies for the trouble this issue is casuing. We do not know if and when a utility will be available to fix this. The drive is not defective but the temperatures that the revision of the drive you are using report to software are incorrect If possible, try (once) to open the tower and put your hand on the drive when it is reporting a high temperature to make sure the drive is not hot.

The drive reports 20 to 30 degrees C above the actual temperature. It is not a defective drive. These series of drives built between October 25th, 2005 and before mid-April 2006 have this issue. There is no upgrade utility option to fix this issue in the field. A factory calibration routine anomaly causes the drive to report temperature readings that are up to 20C higher than actual. Otherwise, the drives meet all of WD's quality, reliability and compatibility standards.`

  johndrew 20:02 10 Jul 2006


  UncleP 21:19 10 Jul 2006

From the rather confused explanation given by the manufacturers I would guess that the problem may be that the temperature sensor is in poor thermal contact with the area of the hard disk assembly it should monitor, so that the readings cannot be related reliably and consistently to the real temperature. If the error originated in the calibration procedure, it would not be difficult to correct the calibration curve to give reasonably realistic readings.

The suggestion to open the computer and touch the HD is taking hands-on experience to its limits! Seriously, the suggestion of a temperature sticker or indicator is more practical, but will always give a lower temperature than the HD internal temperature, especially with a fan blowing over it.

But in the circumstances I don't think there is a satisfactory solution for those units built during the period given above. Better buy a later model if it is a cause for concern.

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