Western Digital Class Action

  Minkey1 12:07 19 Jul 2006

Ref this earlier post click here, using the link provided by WD to the back up software provided as part of the settlement I keep getting "Page Cannot be Displayed".

It may well be due to the volume of traffic - I just wondered if anyone registered with WD had managed to get it, and is it any good ?

Apparently it's EMC Dantz Retropect Express 7.5.



  Minkey1 12:49 19 Jul 2006

Googling EMC Dantz Retrospect 7.5 produces the pro version on Amazon for around £30, with mixed reviews, and suggestions that the Express (i.e. "Lite") is bundled free with some drives.

If I can download it I could always suck it and see, and go back to Sync Toy if necessary.

I wonder though whether anyone's used this software and can give a view ?

  flyboy 15:41 19 Jul 2006

Hi Minkey1,

I've just been onto
click here?

then clicked on the Settlement tab on the grey bar at bottom of page.

You will need your registered email address and the serial no of the WDC Hard drive. You can copy it from your registered products page

Just downloaded the program (19.4mb).

Maybe the rush is over.

  flyboy 15:51 19 Jul 2006


Have a look here

click here

There is a PDF on this page as well.

I will have a read before installing program.

Regards, Colin

  Minkey1 15:57 19 Jul 2006

Hi Colin

Yes, I'd "logged in" before, and got "Page cannot...".

Just tried it now and got straight in and downloaded it.

I'll leave the posting open a while to see if anyone's actually used EMC.



  johndrew 16:29 19 Jul 2006

I was unaware of any of this going on until I saw this post.

I understand from what I`ve read that all of this stems from a claim that WD are/were selling drives with a lower capacity than claimed - am I correct?

I purchased two 250GB drives in may this year which have a problem click here which is obviously different, but the drives may also be affected by the claim.

Can anyone advise?

Thanks in advance.

  Minkey1 17:30 19 Jul 2006

Hi John

In essence, a class action was brought against WD on the grounds that they were selling drives with an advertised capacity higher than the reality. I don't think WD were being dis-honest -it was the standard discrepancy, where drive manufacturers used one measurement, and computers used another.

Nevertheless, WD presumably felt it was cheaper to concede the case and as a sweetener, offer users some free (back up) software - hence this post.

Have you registered your drives with them ? I think from memory the drive(s) had to be purchased between certain dates. Visiting the WD site may help - look for anything to do with "Class Action".



  johndrew 11:05 20 Jul 2006

Thanks for the response.

I guessed about right as to the reason for the case but from the earlier post I needed to have purchased before February 2006 (bought mine in May!!).

No I haven`t registered my drives as yet, should have done really, will make a point of it today.

I`m still annoyed about the SMART temperature fault on these drives, especially as WD say they are not doing anything about it (see my link for their full response). They used to be a high quality manufacturer but appear to have gone downhill for some reason. Looks as if I shall have to find better quality elsewhere - Seagate for example.

Thanks again.

  Minkey1 12:10 20 Jul 2006

Hi John

Leaving the class action aspect aside, in general my drive does what it should - i.e. back up family photos, My Docs etc. However, I also now have reservations about the specifics with WD. I had to log a support ticket as connecting the drive to the router had the effect of loosing my list of Network Places.

The response I got was "yes, this is a known issue - the only workaround is to manually assign IP addresses - ring us and we'll talk you through it" !!- so I've some sympathy with your experience.

Originally I went for it as it had the capability of connecting a printer. I haven't done this for fear of creating some other weird anomaly !

I wouldn't have minded so much if the drive had been cheap - but in comparison it was quite dear.

Anyway, rant over.

I'll just leave this a while in case of user experience with EMC.

  SURVEY 13:04 20 Jul 2006

I have a WD 160GB external drive and yes this came with Dantz backup software. I must admit that having tried it I now use Norton Ghost and find this entirely satisfactory.

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