WEP/WPA Encryption on peer to peer Wireless NW

  The Potter 23:20 10 Oct 2008

I managed to get 2 wireless adapters and set my 2 pcs up as a peer to peer network sharing files and internet connection ad hoc(well, when I can get it sorted, mgmcc is helping me on his forum).

I'm concerned now because my client is accessing someone elses bandwidth! Hopefully Mike can help me sort that but I would like to get my head round my security settings so people can't access mine. Mike doesn't seem to be around tonight, hence my being here.

I have a choice to enable WEP, which I have done. I then have a button labeled 'WPA encryption setting'. These boxes are blank and I wouldn't have a clue what to put in there. I have another button which is labelled 'WEP encrytion settings'. I don't really understand the stuff in there either but I did tick the 256 bit key length, assuming that to be the best (it was the highest number offered).

Does anyone know an idiots guide that would explain it to me so I can set it up to the highest level possible/most appropriate?

Many thanks.


  The Potter 23:37 10 Oct 2008

Having read another post, possibly best to mention:

Both pcs are used by me and no one else - accept my house mate who uses the host for online gaming - hence my needing to be on the client. I want to have full access over the documents on the host. I guess this is the biggest bit of security I need to worry about - to stop external access, not so much people using my internet connection bandwidth?

  mgmcc 08:20 11 Oct 2008

WPA is more secure than WEP and should be used if possible. See if there is a setting for WPA-PSK with TKIP encryption. If so, set it to that and make up a "key" of between 8 and 255 characters, which can include spaces. Remember the key, because it needs to be entered into both adapters identically.

  The Potter 13:50 11 Oct 2008

Thank you again Mike - I was trying to save you a job! LOL.


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