Simsy 11:01 01 May 2007


I've just got a mate set up wirelessly with his laptop. I've no other experience of wireless, but I managed to get it working , and the security we're using is WEP...

I thought that this was newer, and better, (ie more secure), than WAP...

However, picking up things I've been reading in a few other places I'm starting to think I may have got this wrong, and WAP is, in fact, the newer and more secure option.

Is my original understading wrong, and we should change to WAP.

Thanks in anticipation,



  TonyM 11:12 01 May 2007

WPA (not WAP) is a newer and more secure security system for wi-fi networks than the older WEP. There was a good article on the BBC website this week explaining why WPA is the one to use.

click here

WPA2 is newer still, but as with any encryption system you need to be sure all the devices in the network can handle whichever system you are using.

  Strawballs 12:24 01 May 2007
  rodriguez 12:48 01 May 2007

I recently changed from WEP to WPA when I realised all my devices supported it. It's more secure and newer.

  postie24 13:15 01 May 2007

Use WPA2 if possible,its more secure than WPA

  Simsy 15:03 01 May 2007



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