Wep keys problem..

  csantos001 21:55 07 Sep 2007

Hey! I am wondering on how I can enter several wep keys in windows xp? I was given 4 different keys to use, and I don't understand how to use them? Any input will be gratefully appreciated! Thanks in advanced!

  irishrapter 22:38 07 Sep 2007

You only need one of the four WEP keys, usually its the first one.

However, WEP can be broken in about five minutes.
I would suggest you use WPA if your hardware will allow it. WPA with a good random password of at least 20 characters should be secure enough.

  csantos001 22:51 07 Sep 2007

ok Thanks! it's not my decision on what security to use (government institution)
why were 4 keys given to me? out of curiosity?

  irishrapter 15:46 08 Sep 2007

When you use WEP on most routers you have the option to generate the WEP keys automatically using a passphase or entering them manually.

If you choose automatic the router will generate four keys based on the passphase, on some routers you can use any of these four but on other routers you must select which key is going to be used.

I would imagine that since you have been given all four keys then any of these should work.
If not just try each key one at a time, some wireless access card will allow you to enter numerous keys.

Let us know if you get it working!

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