wep for bt 2091

  badshave 11:36 22 Oct 2006

how do i go about setting up encryption on bt wireless 2091

  Danoh 18:27 22 Oct 2006

I don't know BT Voyagers and I guess you don't have a manual, going by this other forum's posting which came up when I did a search on Google.
click here

I could not find a manual although the "BT Voyager Self Help" box at the top right corner of this page click here# gives some hints.

Purportedly, the manual for the Voyager 2000 is 90% the same, so have a read through that by selecting "User Guide" from the drop down list on this page click here#

I'll try to cut and paste the relevant extract, but it will be well worth your while to download the Windows Help file (USer Guide) from the site above.

  Danoh 18:32 22 Oct 2006

1) WEP Encryption (Recommended)
BT Voyager offers the use of a Passcode to automatically set WEP encryption keys to secure your wireless network. We recommend the use of 128-bit WEP.

Change the settings of your BT Voyager 2000 BEFORE your wireless adapters
After changing settings on your base station, you must change settings on all wireless adapters to match these new settings before you can communicate to the base station again

To enable and set WEP encryption using the BT Voyager Control Panel:

Click click here to open the BT Voyager Control Panel.
Select Quick Configuration in the menu under Quick Start
Enter your control panel access password (factory default is admin for both user name and password) ~ make sure you change this to one of your own!!
Select WEP Encryption type, e.g. 128-bit
Type a Passcode you will remember. The Passcode can be any string of text or digits. Make a note of it somewhere safe for future reference.
Click Apply & Save to save your new settings.
If you need to configure your base station using WEP Keys instead of a Passcode, use the Configuration menu. More...

Remember to now set ALL your wireless adapters to match these new settings.

See here for Passcode compatibility with wireless devices outside the BT Voyager range
Allowing devices to join your network
WEP encryption in your BT Voyager 2000 is disabled by default. If you have enabled it, you must do the following to allow new devices to join your secured network:

Set all wireless adapters to the same WEP encryption setting as your BT Voyager 2000 base station. Please refer to your wireless device's user guide for instructions.

The use of a Passcode is only compatible with wireless adapters in the BT Voyager product range. See here for compatibility information with other wireless adapters.
If you have enabled Association Control on your BT Voyager 2000 base station, you must add the new wireless device's MAC address to the Association Control list:

Open the BT Voyager Control Panel. How to...
Select the Configuration | WLAN | Association Control screen.
Change association control settings. How to...

Note that the "click here"s and "How to..."s in the copied text above, are links to text within the "User Manual". Very useful advice ~ download and read.
Good luck and I hope I have been of some help.

  Danoh 18:35 22 Oct 2006

that the highlighted "click here" in my posting is the URL "http:// voyager.home" but without a space.
If you click on that highlighted "click here" or typed the above without the space into your browser's address box,
your router's configuration page is shown, not some web site somewhere on the internet.

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