Well out of order.....

  john-232317 15:52 29 Aug 2005

I know its a hard job you have and there are major problems with the site, but I feel your post to this thread click here is a little harsh on the members of this forum and well out of order.

  Mikè 15:58 29 Aug 2005

Whos post?

  john-232317 16:01 29 Aug 2005

The kopite as in the link.

  john-232317 16:02 29 Aug 2005

The FE`s at the end of thread

  dave_and_confused 16:10 29 Aug 2005

...the site is free.

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

  LastChip 16:15 29 Aug 2005

I thought so too. But as our FE has locked the thread, I didn't have the opportunity to respond. The post was meant to be a reiteration of members frustration, and that if I had the knowledge, I would really like to help, but shall we just leave it at that.

Never-the-less, at the end of the day, he (as Forum Editor) has ultimate control and we must all respect that.

  john-232317 16:17 29 Aug 2005

Its also free to to be polite, even if you are under stress. Remember, all the posters give their advise for free as well. I think a little more diplomacy with the answers may have been better.

  dave_and_confused 16:31 29 Aug 2005

"Remember, all the posters give their advise for free "

That's as maybe but no-one is forced to do so and PCA picks up all the costs. If the site needs fixing all the free advise given out will not pay for it. If PCA are considering their options then you'll have to wait - until then quit complaining.

  Taff36 16:32 29 Aug 2005

I think FE is perfectly within his rights to make such a comment and we should take his comments in the way they were intended. It`s about time everyone stopped moaning and just accepted that until they can sort the problem out we`ll have to "bear with them".

If PCA decide to close down the site for repairs for a couple of days that would be fine, wouldn`t it? At least they wouldn`t be barraged by moaners for 24 hours. We can always switch to another friendly forum for that length of time - "there are plenty...." - some run by very familiar names here.

It doesn`t help when FE asks people to keep away from My Postings, they don`t so he disables the link, and then some "smart alec" posts a way round it! Some people just can`t wake up and smell the coffee.

This forum is the best there is so let`s not knock it. We make it what it is and if we contribute to the problems we get what we deserve. Think about it!

  john-232317 16:39 29 Aug 2005

As you say we shall have to leave it at that and i will tick it, as obviously our opinions dont count.

Just timed out, I will try again.....

  Taff36 16:42 29 Aug 2005

Of course they count and FE asks us frequently for our opinions. It`s just that they aren`t helping at the moment.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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