Well, its May 2nd...(regarding VM Upgrade)

  Ronyap 19:42 02 May 2009

According to Virgin Media, all 2mb Broadband users are supposed to get a boost to 10Mb on May 1st.

Guess what? My broadband is still on 2Mb. Anyone else got the upgrade yet?

  MAT ALAN 19:51 02 May 2009

“The migration of customers from 2Mb to 10Mb is expected to take place from May and represents the largest-scale speed upgrade ever to take place in the UK,” said Virgin Media..
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I doubt very much it will be done in a day considering how many users there are...

  Sea Urchin 19:56 02 May 2009

When will you get the boost?

We’ll be upgrading our speeds area-by-area. Areas will begin to upgrade during this Summer with completion in the Autumn.

  Ronyap 20:02 02 May 2009

Well, Ive contacted Virgin Media, and they say that they will be charging me the extra £2 from this month, so I guess Im one of the first areas? Lucky me :P


  Sea Urchin 22:15 02 May 2009

Also from VM:

"What happens next?

It’s simple – we’ll take care of everything, so you don’t need to do a thing. Just remember, to get the new speed you just have to reboot your modem!"

  MAT ALAN 10:34 04 May 2009

Why are you being charged an extra £2.00 when it clearly states from my link...

"Current 2Mb customers won’t be charged any extra for the upgrade and won’t have to sign a new contract."

  Sea Urchin 10:45 04 May 2009

I was just going to say that :@)

  Ronyap 21:47 04 May 2009

Thats the thing! On the internet it says that its 'free upgrade' as it says here. But the letter that was sent to my parents says that I have to pay an extra £2. I told my parents that it says it was supposed to be 'free', but since they actually got a printed letter from VM, i cant relly argue.

Can anyone else comfirm whether its free or not? Coz, I think PC advisor got it slightly wrong.

Update: I am still on 2mb ><. Cannot wait for 10mb.

  Sea Urchin 21:59 04 May 2009

Taken from this link:

Current 2Mb customers won’t be charged any extra for the upgrade and won’t have to sign a new contract.

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  Ronyap 22:06 04 May 2009

Yes well...

1) Ive already read that

2) My point still stands from the fact that I received a letter...

Also one of the comments from that site:

How can the upgrage to 10 mg be free? yesterday virgin sent me the latest price increase and guess what, the 2mg is going up £2-00 but as this package is no longer available to new subscribers .
This means that the "free" upgrade" which you have no choice about will cost £2-00 / month
The cost of the paper bills are going up to £1.25/month and if you like me on a fixed income don't have direct debit have to pay £5-00/month for cash, even if you use the E-bill you still pay even if you pay by credit cards.
I am taking this to Trading Standards to see if its misleading."

I hate VM's misleading info.

  Ronyap 22:09 04 May 2009

Oh, and another one:

"I have just been informed by virgin media that the increase from 2meg to 10 meg will incur an extra £2.00 pounds per month. The upgrade is not free!! Better to get disconnected and then re apply....prices for new customers are much better than exisitng.
Sky package seems better. Thanks a bunch Richard!!"

Btw Sea Urchin are with VM 2mb BB as well?

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