Well, it frightened me....

  carlos 21:37 08 Jul 2003

just caught the full force of the "weather" audio, then checked the full force of the "discussion"!! This site is very important to me. If I don't post with a problem ( and not all of them are sorted, but I can't expect that)I will daily browse for invaluable knowledge. Must admit, this is the first time I've knee-jerked angrily, on hearing the sound. But bit my tongue. However, someone, the other day , added a "don't click here" to a post about humorous screens and that got me really panicking, because my screen was trashed and I was, frankly, humiliated. I panicked and pulled the plug on my work/PC. I never open any link I am suspicious of but this was from, I think, a respected member. Not good for me. Again, this is an invaluable site, yes perhaps it costs PCA "a fortune" but......how much of the profits are ploughed back to the great people who have helped me enormously over my time here? Not that they are looking for further rewards, tho, as I gather .Is their advice generating enough revenue , FE, to not only keep this site running but also to make a profit for PCA?
I am after information only. No dulled weapons to grind. But please, can you warn me of potential shock-inducing stuff?...have pity on an aging man.

  Gaz 25 21:40 08 Jul 2003

There are some quite scary sites out there I must admit.

But if oyu are protected then dont worry.

  VoG II 21:44 08 Jul 2003

There may have been another way to exit from the "don't click here" site but I used CTRL+ALT+DEL and ended the Internet Explorer application. This also works if you stray onto a site which generates an endless stream of pop-up pages even after you have clicked on the X to close Internet Explorer.

  Megatyte 21:49 08 Jul 2003

I went to "don't click here" a few times to see if there was another way out. C/A/D was the only one that worked.


  carlos 21:50 08 Jul 2003

Gaz... it's the "rearguard" nature of protection that I'm getting fed up with. Increasing levels, as ways are found around them. Nature of the beast, I know, but...
it's funny..if us "newbies" know how to handle it,
Vogt...I did that, of course but it just kept going, with increasing windows.
My point, I suppose? is the increasing saturation. Is it as a result of seeking increasing profits ( this is , I assume a very succesful site??)or covering increasing costs? I would think that the FE would discuss that with the Advisors on this site?

  VoG II 21:54 08 Jul 2003

I think that you may be under a misapprehension. Those who help on this site receive the reward of knowing that they've helped somebody to solve a computer-related problem - that's all.

  woodchip 22:02 08 Jul 2003

That's the advantage of external modem with the off switch on top

  carlos 22:03 08 Jul 2003

Vogt. Understood from word Go. Much appreciation for all advice. I assume that PCA has a similar understanding and appreciation. Not the appropriate forum for this so , my apologies.

  TECHNODIMWIT 22:33 08 Jul 2003

we were warned

ps litigation is not following


  Sir Radfordin 22:54 08 Jul 2003

Don't blame me, I said don't click here and what d'ya all go and do?! Not to mention it was only directed at one person but I know you are all humans and like to noze about!

Does however highlight one flaw in PCA's amazing, wonderful, near-perfect, top of the charts (hint!) website...its easy to post a link that people will click without checking.

Be careful peeps its a bad world out there :)

Sue me for all I'm worth...I'm a student!

  Forum Editor 22:54 08 Jul 2003

where on earth did you get the idea that this forum makes a profit?

Once more (for the thousandth time).

1.The operating costs are considerable

2.We sell advertising space in an attempt to offset some of the costs.

3. Whilst we attempt to monitor all the 'click here' links posted by forum users we do miss the odd one here and there.

3. The advice given by forum members to forum members is done so on a voluntary basis, and for the benefit of all - nobody's looking for any reward - it's a service to the computing community. You don't even have to be a reader of the magazine to register with us.

The forum has been pretty successful in the two and a half years since it was launched - due entirely to the people who regularly offer the benefit of their computing experiences to others. We think it's a fine example of how it is possible to get a lot of people working together under one virtual roof - long may it continue.

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