well i just got caught out by a trojan

  L85A1_marksman 23:52 21 Jun 2006

over msn i was talking to a friend about pictures from foo fighters at hyde park and then a link saying check out these photos of us appeared and i downloaded it thinking it was some of his but he couldnt respond to warn me i opened it it opened a command screen and i instantly thinking "oh no!" but was too late and everyone on my contact list got sent the link. i am running an AVG scan which has already dfound the trojan. i have also tried to stop otheres from opening it and telling them to do the same thing. This has screwed my night up.

  johnnyrocker 00:15 22 Jun 2006

easy enough mistake but has had plenty of publicity.


  L85A1_marksman 00:40 22 Jun 2006

ahh new problem, avg finished scanning and found 6 items 3 i have moved to the virus vault and the other 3 are imbedded and it doesnt have an option to repair shall i delete firefox as that is un the filenname far all 3 objects?

  vinnyT 11:10 22 Jun 2006

Try downloading and running ewido, click here, remember to update the sigs before scanning.

It's free to use, but after a trial, it reverts to ondemand scanning/updating, rather than running in the background.

Hope this helps.

  johndrew 14:54 22 Jun 2006

If you find embedded malware it is always worthwhile starting in `Safe Mode` and doing scans there as only essential Windows (i.e. basic running mode) are used and malware can be easier to remove.

  rodriguez 15:32 22 Jun 2006

This is where you need to know about file extensions. The virus you described was a .PIF file which is an MS-DOS shortcut and is an executable file. Photos are .JPG and are harmless. Some photos can be saved as .BMP, .TIF, .PNG and a few others. But mostly they end with .JPG. I had this sent to me but because it had a .PIF extension I ignored it. Run a load of antivirus and antispyware programs to remove it and make sure the "photos" that you get sent next time don't end with .PIF, .EXE or any other strange extension.

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