Welcome to windows Password box

  Phil T 18:59 30 May 2003

how can i stop the "welcome to windows password " box appearing just before windows loads.

I have to click cancel then it loads windows, i do not need to enter any password in the box.

running windows 98.

  Valvegrid 19:35 30 May 2003

After windows loads, right click on Network Neighborhood, click on Properties.
When the window opens about half way down there's a menu box with 'Cient for Microsoft Networks' in it, left click on the tab and select 'Windows Logon' next time you start Windows you won't be pestered for a password again.


  Valvegrid 19:37 30 May 2003

Cient = Client, spelling, sorry.

  Phil T 20:52 30 May 2003

it still appears on start up after doing what you said

Slight correction to my original posting is that it is windows 95 and not 98 if there is any difference

  BBez 21:30 30 May 2003

goto "start", "search" then select "for files or folders". In the search criteria box, type "*.pwl" without the quotes and when the .pwl's are found, right click on them and select delete. Once they're all deleted, restart pc then at the "enter password" box that pops up, don't enter anything for the password and hit enter. Win 98 shouldn't nag you again for a password.

note: this will delete all your passwords on the system but it'll work...

  Phil T 22:21 30 May 2003

when i hit the enter a new welcome to windows box appears over the top of the old one asking for new password and user. pressing cancel allows windows to load!

  Valvegrid 07:23 31 May 2003

"Slight correction to my original posting is that it is windows 95 and not 98 if there is any difference"

I'm not sure about Win95 if the same rules apply as it does for Win98, your post will go to the top of the pile now this morning, so one of the other peeps may be able to answer you.

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