Welcome to our forum for beginners...

  Forum Editor 17:04 27 Jun 2005

if you are completely new to computing this area is for you. All of us can probably remember our first encounter with a computer - that feeling of helplessness when something unexpected happens.
We're here to help you over those first few hurdles as painlessly as possible, so feel free to ask absolutely anything connected with computing - someone will have the answer in double-quick time.

  mattyc_92 17:30 27 Jun 2005

Nice one..... Hopefully, members will use this forum for more "basic" questions and the Helproom for more complex subjects....

  Diodorus Siculus 17:48 27 Jun 2005

I'm not sure that this forum is such a good idea... Lots of simple questions can be answered pretty quickly and comprehensively within the helproom. Networking and webdesign were good ideas - those with expertise can frequent them and I rarely wander in. Nonetheless, I will try to keep an eye on this forum and hope that it gives new users the confidence to ask what may seem simple to others.

  Kate B 18:15 27 Jun 2005

Actually, I rather agree with Diodorus Siculus: sometimes new folk are confused enough about where to post queries without another option being added. Still, let's see how it goes.

  Forum Editor 18:47 27 Jun 2005

is to a large degree based on feedback. Lots of absolute beginners feel rather wary of posting in the main helproom, or in Consumerwatch, for fear of being ridiculed, or exposing their total lack of knowledge.

Imagine yourself a newcomer, seeing the helproom for the first time. There they are, hundreds of threads about (relatively) obscure subjects, when all you want to know is how to change the font in a Word processor document. It can be very intimidating, and many people have told us that's exactly the feeling they get.

You may be right - this forum may fall on its face, but unless we give it a go we'll never know will we?

  the kopite 18:58 27 Jun 2005

Fe I agree with didorus and kateb I do not think this is a good idea as for silly questions of which I have posted a few I can state I have never felt I have been ridiculed or in anyway made to feel a fool the respected members of this forum would not allow that this is the best policed forum on the web and its the members that do the policing kopite

  p;3 19:01 27 Jun 2005

good idea F.E. ; at least I think so:)) now to see the link in the main forum section appear:) what is it to be called?

  powerless 19:12 27 Jun 2005

Now we'll know how to word our answers to suite the question.

  Dorsai 20:17 27 Jun 2005

I'm With FE (and Powerless) on this one.

In many subjects, networking, web design, to name a few, I am an Absolute Beginner.

Having a place for the posting of "I know this is an easy one, but it has stumped me, as I'm new at this" area is a good thing.

Anyone who then takes the whatsit from someone posting in the "absolute beginners".......

It seperates the questions.

All questions are PC related, but it's regarded as OK to seperate networking from web design, ETC.

So why not give the 'I'm a novice needing help' a place to post?

In any event, lets see, and give it a chance. It's not out of the hanger yet, so don't say it wont fly.

  justme 20:39 27 Jun 2005

I think that this is a great idea.

I can remember when I first joined the PCA forum that I was overawed by the wealth of knowledge shown by some of the members, and feeling rather reluctant to expose myself to possible scorn for being ignorant. Of course I have since learned that I would be treated with respect and advice freely given and even explained in words of one syllable if necessary.

If this helps any beginners to solve a problem then it is worth doing and perhaps those beginners will learn enough to help others in the future.

  big bloke66 20:57 27 Jun 2005

ditto,well put.

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