Weird Word 2002 Underlining problem

  interzone55 21:46 06 Oct 2004

My wife is having a problem where underlining is at the baseline of characters rather than a the base of the decender.
She didn't have this problem on her previous PC, but has just switched to a "new" PC that used to belong to her boss.
Any files created on the previous PC print with the underline in the correct space, but files created on the new one have it in the wrong place.
I've searched in vein through the options dialogs, and online at, but this is really puzzling me and my wife is getting stressed out as her documents look ugly with the underline in the wrong place.
This is a new problem for me, anyone any ideas.

Word 2002, Windows 2000, HP Deskjet printer.


  VoG II 21:54 06 Oct 2004

Is this only in the printed version or does it also occur when viewed in Print Layout view or in Print Preview?

  Djohn 22:10 06 Oct 2004

I'm using Word 2003 and it does the same thing, always has. The word money for example has the line under all the characters except the tail of the y. It goes through the tail.

  interzone55 21:19 07 Oct 2004

1) The software in use is Windows 2000 & Word 2000.

2) This is more extreme than Djohn suggests with Word 2003, where the underline cuts through the decender, here the underline is actually at the bottom of the base of characters, there is no gap at all between the underline and the letter.

3) It looks fine on screen, and in print preview, but when printed to either a HP Deskjet or a laser printer of unknown make (ie my wife can't remember the make) the underline moves.

  Djohn 00:36 08 Oct 2004

Sorry, only just got back to your thread. Not sure at the moment but will have a look for you unless VoG™ has come across this before. j.

  interzone55 17:51 12 Oct 2004

Problem solved.

The compatability was set to Word Perfect 5 for some reason, set it to Word 2000 and everything is hunky dory

  Djohn 18:39 12 Oct 2004

Pleased to hear that because I couldn't find anything that would help. One to remember for future use, thanks for letting us know the answer.

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