Weird web connection loss

  Ian in Northampton 14:54 24 Jan 2011

Periodically – can be every few minutes, sometimes it stays up for a few hours – my XP laptop loses its Internet connection (whether via IE or via Chrome). Well, it does and it doesn’t… After much messing about, I discovered that unplugging the Ethernet cable and plugging it back in again restores the connection. So, I suspected either a faulty cable, or a faulty LAN socket on the laptop. I swapped the cable out – and the problem persists. That made me think that the problem lies with the LAN socket…

But wait a minute. I lose access to the web at large – but if I have a GoToMyPC session running (connects me to my desktop at home), the connection to GoToMyPC stays intact, but trying to get to web pages doesn’t work. What that must mean is that, in some way, shape or form, I do indeed still have a connection to the web – just not the web at large

Now, I assume that GoToMyPC creates some sort of ‘tunnel’ across the web to my home PC – so I’m suspecting something other than the LAN socket now. But: I just can’t think what the problem might be. Can you?

  kidsis 15:04 24 Jan 2011

do any of the lights on the router flash orange when this is happening? are you cable or adsl? I ask because I had something similar happen recently.

  Ian in Northampton 15:15 24 Jan 2011

Kidsis, thanks. The answer to your question is - I don't know. 'Strange', you probably think. Well, the laptop is at work. At work, we have the company's own internal network - but there is also an 'unrestricted' network that some people (like myself) need access to because the company's internal network security settings are so tight (e.g. sometimes, my job requires me to translate a web page, which the company's own network blocks). So, I'm plugged into a hole in the floor which is then patched through to the external network server.

  Ian in Northampton 15:42 24 Jan 2011

I24 - many thanks. That sounds/looks very promising. I'll give it a whirl. No, the company didn't set up the laptop - I did - and I'm using the same settings as when the laptop was at home.

I interpret from your response that the unplugging/reinserting of the LAN cable somehow causes the DNS settings to be reset?

  Ian in Northampton 16:06 24 Jan 2011

Thinking about it, GoToMyPC is resilient to occasional losses of connection - you can lose the connection for some (short) period of time, but it's still 'open' once you get your connection back. I think it has some kind of retry loop built into it.

  Ian in Northampton 15:31 26 Jan 2011

I24: very many thanks - that batch file works like a charm, and saves a lot of messing around with unplugging/replugging the LAN cable.

So now we know that the issue is a DNS problem (I think) - so is there a permanent fix I could apply, or is it more likely an issue at 'the other end'?

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