Weird Uninstallation problem

  joelmb 02:17 05 Apr 2004

I'm having problems with my scanner driver (a microtek c3) which i normally resolve by double clicking the driver .exe file which firstly recongises the driver is installed and so asks if i want to uninstall the driver. Then double clicking again it re-installs the driver. However when I'm trying to do this today, it asks to uninstall, flashes through an uninstall process in half a second and says uninstall complete. When I retry it to re-install it gives mew the uninstall prompt once again as if its still installed!

Ok, so i try to go to add/remove programs and low and behold its still listed as installed. But when i click to uninstall it there, it proceeds to ask if I want to uninstall, but a totally different software package, unrelated to the scanner driver!

Why is it doing this? I'm running Windows XP Pro. Any ideas??

Im guessing its some corrupt registry entry so will run registry healer and see if that helps to start....

  hugh-265156 02:57 05 Apr 2004

i would use add remove programs when uninstalling things.if you dont it can cause problems.

did you restart the computer after uninstalling?

if you dont know what your doing a reg clener can give you more problems.

what was the original problems with the scanner that caused to to uninstall it?

  joelmb 11:45 05 Apr 2004

Thanks Huggy, but actually I do (pretty much) know what I'm doing, and yes I know fully about using add/remove programs - though your advice isn't totally correct either, as you often can use a software manufacturers uninstall application, and its often a lot safer than using xp add/remove.

I'm actually wondering why add/remove isnt working as it should as its clearly attempting to remove an application other than the one I click on. I've some memory tweakUI or some other app like it can fix problems like apps which continue to show in add/remove dialogue, can anyone remember?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:55 05 Apr 2004

Xp cant see the app you click on so it makes its best guess and pics one closest to it,sounds like a reg corruption or the driver istself wasnt installed correctly ,can u restore before it started.


  hugh-265156 13:25 05 Apr 2004

if you are very very sure it has been uninstalled but its still listed in add remove progs then try clicking:

start/run type regedit and then expand the + to get to:


if its listed here in the right pane,right click and delete the should now be gone from add remove programs list.

only do this if as above you are sure its been uninstalled.

  joelmb 17:20 05 Apr 2004

Thanks huggy, but nope, not in there.

  joelmb 17:26 05 Apr 2004

I went ahead and uninstalled the application it wrongly links to when the microtek scanwizard is clicked. But microtek scanwizard (which i want to remove) is still listed; however when i now click on it it does nothing at all.

  joelmb 17:34 05 Apr 2004

Ah was in fact there but not under anything obvious (was as a line of hex code).. se what happens now then....

  joelmb 17:36 05 Apr 2004

Yep! That got it! Thanks very much Huggy!

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