weird thing on Itunes

  foreignmuck 23:37 15 Mar 2006

hi all

i just noticed a very strange thing. I was on Itunes, and noticed that there was a folder called 'sarah's limewire files' with loads of random tracks on there. Now no one called sarah has used my computer, but it dawned on me that my nextdoor neighbour is called sarah, and she is slyly piggybacking off our wireless network. (we havent password protected it because for some reason i cant connect myself if we password protect.) Does that fact that her songs automatically appear on my itunes mean that she can see all my music on her itunes, (and even see my other files??) i am also worries about getting viruses etc on my PC from her dodgy limewire files.

why is this happening? why can i access her music files? can it be avoided?



  keewaa 23:45 15 Mar 2006

Sounds like she not only has access to your signal but also, through that as a bonus, access to all your files basically as if she was operating the PC herself ..... I would sort out wifi security (at least WEP, preferably WPA)

Is it possible it could be a friend of someone who brought their iPod along and plugged it in as this might also explain it ?

  foreignmuck 23:47 15 Mar 2006

think i worked it out

look for shared music in itunes
turned it off and it disappeared

still curious about catching viruses though through accessing shared music. is this possible?

  keewaa 23:51 15 Mar 2006

You might have turned sharing off for the itunes files, but I'd worry that IF it is the Sarah next door, she will still have access to your computer ... should she be the malicious type who now gets annoyed at being locked out of her iTunes, she might decide to wreck your PC.

Just letting you know ... it's better to know ...isn't it ?

  foreignmuck 23:57 15 Mar 2006

thanks for the adcvice

is it really that easy to get into my computer via a wireless network? indeed can i can get into other people's PCs using the same router?
what about it public wifi hotspots for example? surely you cant easily get into other peoples PC by sitting in starbucks or wherever, unless you're an experienced hacker.

the girl nextdoor is a freind, so im not worried about any malicious activity per se, but jsut curious to know how easy it actually is for other people to get into my PC via a wireless network.

  keewaa 00:04 16 Mar 2006

Yes it can be that easy. But if you get good WPA working then you suddenly become extremely secure. As for wi-fi hotspots ... incredibly insecure unless you are using a VPN.

"Experienced hacker" .... now you only have to be a "Good googler" ... all sorts of tools are there to be downloaded by anyone.

  foreignmuck 00:13 16 Mar 2006

would you mind explaning what a WPA is (and a VPN for that matter)

i tried password protecting our connection, but as i mentioned before i couldnt get my PC to connect with the password protect on.

sorry for all the q's

  keewaa 08:48 17 Mar 2006

Wikipedia is good for this

WPA is basically the best way of securing your home wi-fi click here

VPN is the best way of securing your access at a hotspot click here

or maybe this is better click here

  foreignmuck 10:54 17 Mar 2006


  Minkey1 17:58 17 Mar 2006

Just an additional thought - if you know the MAC addresses of your wireless kit, your Router configuration screen will show connected computers ? Under "DHCP Table" mine also shows each computer "name" making it even easier.

Might be worth checking, in addition to setting up security as advised earlier.

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