Weird sizing on monitor

  zebideedoodah 20:00 11 Sep 2011


Just been given a new monitor - it's a widescreen Delium TFT LM1805 (model no TW185G). Plugged it into my desktop, running XP, and the maximum display size I can get is a strip about two-thirds of the height of the screen, centred. Tried Control Panel/Display/Settings but the highest resolution I can get is 1280 x 1024 and although there doesn't seem to be much info on the net, I think this monitor is designed for a res of 1440 x 900. The only mode that matches the screen's proportions is 800 x 600 and then of course the quality's rubbish.

Graphics card is a SiS650, PC's quite old but runs well - usually.

I feel a right wally but I'm a bit stumped on this one. How can I get the display to match the screen size? Is it down to the graphics card? Is there a way to sort this without replacing the card?

thanks in advance for your advice


  rdave13 20:14 11 Sep 2011

Your graphics are on-board and not actually a 'card'. You can search for an update but I don't think it will be up to the demands of the monitor.

  zebideedoodah 20:20 11 Sep 2011

Damn. Does that mean I'd need a new card to drive the monitor?

  T0SH 20:40 11 Sep 2011

You could try this Monitor INF file if your resolution is not listed it is possible to edit the file to create a custom setting of 1440 x 900 by opening it in notepad (don`t forget to save after editing) you can then use it to update your current monitor driver on the display settings window tabs

If it works then great but if not use the driver roll back feature to reset it to as was

Cheers HC

  birdface 22:11 11 Sep 2011

I don't suppose you can drag the disply up and sideways to fit the screen.

  zebideedoodah 22:22 11 Sep 2011

Interesting. No, I can't drag anything diagonally, that was the screen area I meant, not the window size.

Thanks very much for the .inf tip (and all other responses). I did try it but can't seem to get the system to recognise the new file I saved, apart from now referring to it as a NoLimits monitor as opposed to Plug and Play. I did, through some ferreting about manage to change the refresh rate from 60hz to 75hz, with immediate and spectacular effect. I now have a full scrren of display, but the proportions still aren't right. Given the physical size of the screen (approx 16" x 8") I need something like a 2:1 ratio, which I can't seem to find.

Any ideas?

  Kevscar1 10:12 12 Sep 2011

Never heard of that ratio before. Have you tried the monitors setup menu to see if you can change it that way.

  zebideedoodah 11:32 12 Sep 2011

Been through the setup - all it has is two settings - native (normal ratio) and full screen.

  zebideedoodah 11:32 12 Sep 2011

Been through the setup - all it has is two settings - native (normal ratio) and full screen.

  lotvic 12:30 12 Sep 2011

According to last post on it should display okay with resolution of 1024 x 768 fullscreen (without a black border)

  Woolwell 14:40 12 Sep 2011

Bear with me whilst I look this up but I managed to get a monitor 1440 x 900 workign with sis graphics but it did mean installing new drivers.

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