weird shutdown problem...

  4sixes 19:22 11 Aug 2008

right, to start i'm currently having a problem where every few minutes, sometimes more frequently, my computer attempts to shutdown. however unlike all problems i've come accross, the computer doesn't actually turn off. it just brings up the shutdown dialog... ie: "do you wish to shutdown/restart/logoff?" if i then press cancel, it goes away. but it happens every minute or so, and is quite infuriating...

the computer is made up from a gigabyte ga-965p-ds3 mobo, pentium D 945, geforce 7950 GT, enermax 625W power supply and two samsung spinpoint 500GBs with ubuntu and windows xp set up as a dual boot, with one OS on each.

thats why i'm slightly puzzled because this is happening on both OS's and even using the ubuntu live cd, with no hard drives connected.

does anyone have any idea what may be causing such a problem, or even heard of a similar thing happening? so far, i've disconnected the power button, removed all dvd drives, hdd drives, network cards and still the problem occurs, i've checked the power button connection and can't see any shorts. oh and the cpu temps are around 55, whilst the gpu temps are about 65 perfectly normal for my comp... i'm entirely stuck now...

sorry for the long post... thanks if anyone can help..

  howard64 19:27 11 Aug 2008

I wonder if your power supply is large enough for what you have connected? or if it is breaking down. A weak voltage could trigger an attempt to shutdown but very unusual.

  4sixes 19:31 11 Aug 2008

ah, rubbish... if it is breaking down that could be a problem, i shall replace it with my old one, and see if theres any improvement. ta

  Ditch999 22:58 11 Aug 2008

If its effecting both OSs and they are on separate hard drives then it might be some setting in the BIOS or in the MBR and as I have not heard of anything like it in Windows then I would be looking at Ubuntu.

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