Weird problem with hotmail, but only on certain PC's

  onthenose26 21:38 08 Oct 2012


Bizarrely I can no longer access my hotmail account from certain computers. However it works fine on my desktop and other random machines. When I try to log in it tries to route me to but says that 'The connection to was interrupted' and suggests that my internet access is not working, but it clearly is. I don't understand how this can not work on some computers, but will work on others?. I can access other hotmail accounts on the same laptop and can access my hotmail on my desktop with the same internet connection. I'm using Chrome, but get the same problem with IE.

Any ideas?

  21099475 22:12 08 Oct 2012

Does the same email address work differently on different PC's? I have the same problem for one email, but when I tried a different email on the same PC and same browser, it worked. Therefore, it might not be the PC's or browsers that causes the problem.

  21099475 22:13 08 Oct 2012

The problem doesn't seem to be PC's because different emails work on the same PC. The problem doesn't seem to be the browser because different emails work on the same browser. It looks like it's a hotmail bug that affects certain accounts. They had a slightly similar problem last week, so hopefully, they'll get fixing.

  nibbles1420 22:48 08 Oct 2012

I just started having exactly the same problem with a long used hotmail account this afternoon. My Android phone still seems to access the account, but with no email updates since 4pm earlier this afternoon, so quite frustrating. I have also run a oouple of Spyware checkers to no avail (just in case).

  onthenose26 11:02 09 Oct 2012

I have the same problem for this account on all PC's, but can access it through outlook on my home PC. Essentially whenever I try to connect via a webpage to this account it won't work. After it has failed to work the browser then cannot even go to the or homepage with out the error message coming up. I have to shut down the browser.

  21099475 14:44 09 Oct 2012

I tried the following, and it worked for me:

  1. Log in to your hotmail account.

  2. Visit this link:!/mail/options.aspx

  3. On the top left, there will be a link called "Inbox". Click on that link, and it should take you to your inbox.

  Craxxxy 16:15 09 Oct 2012

I have the same problem with my live account whenever i tried to log into my account this URL comes up and saying check your internet settings and uncheck the Lan settings i tried this i have even remove all internet temporrary files and even cleared all cache and deleted all cookies and browsing history and offline contents i tried again but still cant get into my account and all the times this URL coming and still giving same error and wonce this page shows up with this URL then cant even access the login page of hotmail then i have to clear cache again and then i am able to see login page but when tried again to log into account same error and problems comes again i have tried scanning system and everything i could do best but couldnt find out what is this problem.

If anyone see this problem please share and if anyone knows solution please share.

By the way one friend said above login and follow that link that doesnt work either.

  davidjacobs 17:32 09 Oct 2012

relating to craxxxy's post at 4.15.

I am having exactly the same issue with my hotmail account. I would be most grateful if somebody could come up with an idea to solve this really annoying problem.

thank you :)

  21099475 18:07 09 Oct 2012

After logging into your account, go to the above link I mentioned, but change https to http

  davidjacobs 20:50 09 Oct 2012

I cannot even log in to the account. Once I have entered my log in details I am being send to this URL:

I suspect there is a problem with microsofts server and I have no idea of what to do except waiting and hoping for it to be repaired. Somebody please prove me wrong and find a solution :)

thank you

  victorlam 08:04 10 Oct 2012

It has been a server related problem, however this seems to be fixed now. Most probably one of the content delivery servers (more precisely dub114) did have some kind of failure. Luckily there is remote access protocols that are hosted on other servers mirroring the actual mailserver so if this problem will ever occur again, you will still be able to access your account as well as sending emails using either a outlook client, a smartphone client or by downloading Windows Live Essentials and use Windows Live Mail.

Hopes this helps.

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